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Hair removal by electrolysis - is it permanent?

Electrolysis has been shown to be permanent in over a century of use and is the only safe method of permanent hair removal currently approved by the FDA. Charene is a Connecticut State licensed Electrologist and has over 25 years experience so you are in safe hands.

What is electrolysis?

It is the process of gently introducing a very fine sterilized filament (probe) into the hair follicle (a natural opening in the skin). The probe never actually punctures the skin. Then a small amount of electricity is discharged which destroys the growth source of the hair, the papilla. When this has been accomplished, the hair is eliminated.

Does it hurt?

Modern electrolysis offers a more comfortable and effective treatment than ever before and is not generally considered a painful procedure, any discomfort felt is dependant on the client’s tolerance and the area being treated. During treatment a sensation will be noticed. It has variably been described as a "slight heat", "stinging" or tingling sensation. If needed modern anesthetic creams are extremely effective at minimizing any discomfort.

Are there any side effects?

Immediately following treatment there might be slight redness or swelling, which usually disappears in the next few hours. Occasionally small whiteheads or minuscule scabs may occur. It is important to remember that scabs are part of the normal healing process and will not cause any permanent damage if they are not picked off. Charene will discuss specific post treatment care to promote healing.

What about after treatment care?

After the treatment you should keep the area clean and dry and try not to touch area directly with the fingers. Do not take a sauna or sunbathe for at least a couple of days to allow the treated follicles to heal.

For the first couple of days avoid applying creams or lotions unless they are specifically designed for post electrolysis.

Can excess hair be removed from anywhere?

Experts estimate that up to 80% of all women have excess hair in places such as the face, lip, chin, eyebrows, breasts, chest, belly, bikini, arms, underarms and legs, all of these areas can be treated using electrolysis. Men also have hair that they or sometimes their partner would like to have removed and electrolysis can be just as effective for them too.

What are the causes of excess hair?

Endocrine Origin - Hair is produced by androgens (a male type of hormone also produced by women in the adrenal glands and ovaries). Excess hair results when too much androgen reaches the follicle or the follicles become overly sensitive to normal levels in the bloodstream. These conditions frequently occur in puberty, menopause and sometimes in pregnancy.

The Stress Factor - Emotional upsets can cause the body to produce more adrenalin/androgens.

Heredity - Determines what color, type, amount and texture of hair you have and where it will appear.

Medications - Some medications can cause hair growth i.e. Cortisones and related meds, many blood pressure meds, seizure meds and some oral contraceptives.

How long does it take to achieve permanency?

It is important to understand that electrolysis requires a series of treatments given over a period of time. The length of time varies from person to person and is dependent on many factors. In order to obtain the best results from electrolysis a treatment program should be set out before commencement.

Treatment programs are designed around factors such as heredity, hair growth cycles, hair density, hair structure, hormone function, medications, stress, and any previous hair removal treatments.

Many hairs will be permanently removed after the first treatment, while some require additional treatments to achieve permanency. Deep coarse hairs cannot always be eliminated with one treatment.

Charene offers a personal and confidential consultation free of charge so that your personal treatment plan can be set out to address your specific hair removal needs.

So free yourself from tedious, never ending hair removal processes and call Charene on: 203 656 4440 to schedule an appointment or consultation.

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