3 weeks in peru

Airport: We traveled from Frankfurt to Lima, Peru via Madrid by Air Europa. This will Depend upon how much you wan’t to ruff it!

Even with that, the cost should remain low for 2 or even 3 weeks of travel in Peru.

On top of that Peru is also home for a section of Amazon rain forest. It was a great way to learn about the city’s history and see as much as we could on our final day here.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure how truthful the Uros Islands are. One of the wonderful things about Cusco is you will never run out of things to do. Here it goes: 1.When to visit Peru. This is a hub for tourists however that has not affected it’s charm! 9.You must carry toilet paper and hand sanitizer while traveling inside Peru. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Some cities can be reachable once or twice a week. I missed out on parts of the Sacred Valley (Pisac or a Inca Trail trek) on the way to Machu Picchu; in addition, I missed the Salinas de Maras, the Peruvian salt flats.

Not suitable weather for mountains. Peru has always been a popular destination in South America. Drink lots of water, as it can be incredibly warm (especially at the bottom) and remember to watch for signs of altitude sickness. Excess amounts of alcohol can impair your judgment which is a nightmare if you are traveling alone. Cusco is a must for travelers! We also stayed a couple of nights in Ollantaytambo coming back from Machu Picchu. The lines are beautiful! On your way to Arequipa, you will pass the Nazca Lines, a series of drawings carved into the ground of the desert over 2000 years ago. You won’t find flamingos or giant tortoises, but you can still see a wide variety of birds, sea lions, crabs, and starfish. Visiting Peru does not require a visa for most of the countries.

Huacachina is a tiny little desert oasis of just a handful of properties set around a muddy lagoon. If you can time your flights closer, even better then you won’t even have to stay a night. The most common way of unsafety is pickpocketing at the tourist hotspots. Cusco is the gateway to the Sacred Valley and Macchu Picchu. We splurgen on the train. I saw the lines from a 3-story tall tower overlooking the tree and the hands geoglyphs, some old ruins, and old aqueducts.

It’s best to keep your expectations low if you plan to do more than sit and read on the beach! Walk into the bus terminal in any Peruvian city and there will be dozens of companies, all plying the same route. The number of tourists is high in this season, so as the price. Bus: You can travel all over Peru by bus (including overnight journey). Lima – A majestic City. I used those small travel bags to compartmentalize my backpack which also saved a lot of space. Once you’re done relaxing, head back to the bus for your final ride. The city is also surrounded by gorgeous mountains like the Misti, which rises above the skyline and paints a beautiful snow-topped picture! This is such a detailed itinerary, thank you! However, those are nothing compared to the other Plazas and churches around Peru. That means you need to visit at least a couple other Sacred Valley sites – such as Sacsayhuaman in Cusco – to make the ticket worth it. 3 weeks is a great amount of time to explore all the wonders Peru, it also is an easy amount of time to get off from work for most and have the freedom to explore Peru!

The “White city” as commonly called has vast and beautiful historic buildings made out of (Sillar, white volcanic rock) . Board the train once again, maybe opting for the cheaper train car this time, and arrive back in Cusco before dark.

Iquitos to LimaGet one of the daily 2-hour flights from Iquitos to Lima. Paracas is a tiny, laid back backpack village, great to spend the night go on a tour through Paracas National Reserve and do a Pisco Wine tasting tour. However, many people travel there everyday. If you want to see the floating villages of Puno, add one day to your Peru travel itinerary. Ollantaytambo is a small town about 90-120 minutes away from Cusco by car. While some trek Colca Canyon in just two days, I highly recommend allowing three. A unique experience to have on your Peru travel itinerary. Find the best flight. Wander around in Barranco the artist’s area, bike around the city and coastline, and also taste their national dish ‘Ceviche’. I recommend spending a full day here rather than rushing back to the train to Cusco. Get your own travel map from Matador Network.

Huacachina is a perfect place to take it easy for a couple days! Peru is known as not safe while the situation actually improved drastically over the last 10 years. I hope to return to Peru again someday to explore more attractions in each of these amazing places. Colca Canyon a Vast canyon, twice as deep as the “Grand Canyon” in the U.S.A! I recommend focusing on food. For Indian National with a residence permit or valid visa of US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Schengen do not need Peruvian Visa. But you should always take safety measures throughout your travel to avoid any unwanted situation. By subscribing, you'll receive exclusive content and gain access to my. This is a high altitude city (at a whopping 2328 metres in altitude) with alot to offer! Flight: Flight from Lima to Iquitos (approx. It is really important not to underestimate the sheer size of the country.

I visited in May/June. You’ll be hearing from me shortly. One day we were in a high mountain, the next day we were on a coast enjoying the sun and wind and the next day we were in a desert. The normally recommended vaccinations before traveling are Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, B, Rabies, Malaria.

Another option is the Salktantay trail, [Taking this trial with one of our partners offers lodging along the trail rather than camping areas, Enquire for further details on how to book.] And this simple decision led to extensive research for months. Huacachina to ArequipaThe comfortable overnight bus from Huachachina to Arequipa is a great way to cover a long distance. This was one of the nicer places we stayed in despite its very generous price.

We did not need public transport because we joined many organized tours. So, we chose Peru. The location was perfect on the main road and in very close proximity to the Machu Picchu bus pick-up. Your email address will not be published. I hope you’re ready to have an absolutely amazing time! Puno sits on the edge of Lake Titicaca, which is the reason why most travellers pass through this port city as it’s not the most classically beautiful place. Slowly stroll along some of Cusco’s cobblestone streets and relax in the Plaza de Armas in the afternoon, then sip some pisco sours in the evening and get some rest. 13.Do not just choose any bus operator rather go for a reputed one. While staying in Lima, focus on lodging in the Miraflores district. Source: Bushbaby.travel. On your way to Paracas, stop at the beautiful country house Hacienda San Jose. 2.Watch out your belongings all the time. I love to share my travels with my readers – with a big focus on solo female travel, budget saving tricks, and of course Scuba Diving. I fully believe that pictures you see on the internet and posters around Cusco have been heavily manipulated and the real thing would have been underwhelming. Did I miss anything else?

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