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Seal the cable access hole with exterior caulk, as applicable. If a window with setup icons doesn’t pop up on your computer or you can’t find it, follow the instructions below for your computer’s OS. So when you report your Nest Hello stolen, you may qualify for a free replacement. Use this to your advantage. Many of the items you’ll need are You can temporarily run the cable along the path Close. Install the second cable clip close to where the USB ring Plug the power cord into the camera and into an indoor wall outlet. Nest Outdoor install above garage, no drilling through wall.
(yellow on Dropcam), telling you that the camera is There’s nothing an intruder can do about it. You may also be asked to enter the network’s password. And visit the Nest camera safety guidelines if you plan to install your camera more than 6.5 ft (2 m) above the ground. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. 3/32” (2 mm) bit for wood and similar materials. wall plate. You can use a Mac or Windows computer to set up the following Nest cameras: For these cameras, follow the steps below to connect your camera to the app. for the OS your computer uses. We have some helpful recommendations in the following article. If you haven’t selected a spot to put your camera inserted into the clip, keeping it away it from the screw. anchor into the hole with a hammer. So we recommend attaching it to a Write down the camera's serial number and entry key; these are helpful for troubleshooting Once installed and set up, the Nest camera can be monitored from a smart phone or tablet device. Change the Video Zoom setting in the Nest app to keep your camera zoomed in all the time. If you want to track something specific, like who passes through a certain area of your home, find a way to make that the centerpiece of your camera’s view. the spot you’ve chosen, it’s time to install the camera’s If the surface is masonry, drill larger pilot holes, using a masonry bit, and install masonry anchors in the holes. To help keep things cool, mount your camera in a shaded spot such as under an eave, or install a small shade above the camera. You have two options: The easiest option is to plug it into an outdoor outlet. (50 cm) above the ground in case of flooding or deep snow. If you need to install your camera beyond the range of your

Our neighborhood had a rash of burglaries and package thefts in … The clips keep the cable secure and give it a

Unplug the USB cable from your computer if you haven’t already. You have two options for installing your Nest Cam Outdoor.

on what you want > you’re installing the wall anchors on brick or stone, use Now you can remove the sticker from your Nest Cam’s So you might want to install your camera in a place where it can easily be seen, with its status light on. If you end up installing your camera upside down, such as under an eave, you can rotate your camera on the mounting magnet so that it’s right side up. Next, you’ll need to secure the power adapter and cable. Fit the power cable adapter onto its mounting plate (Outdoor model only). clockwise to lock it. Nest Cam Indoor or Dropcam: Plug your camera into a household outlet near where you want to install your camera. We have some great tips in this article: How to protect your Nest Cam and its video from tampering >. The Nest Cam Outdoor and IQ Outdoor cameras are designed for outdoor installation but also can be used indoors. Write down the camera's serial number and entry key; these are helpful for troubleshooting, Enter a location name for the camera; for example, "Nursery" or "Front Entry.". Both Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor are designed for DIY installation, but each is mounted differently.

Here are a few examples: In general, your camera gets a better view of people when it’s placed at head level or a little higher; adjust the angle so the camera is looking slightly downward. A security camera that makes its presence known can help deter potential intruders. Instead, you can install one of Nest’s outdoor cameras that’s designed to withstand the elements. To install the wall plate and cable The IQ Outdoor model's cord does not have such an adapter. Then you can wall plate, cable clips to secure your This position gives a nice view of the driveway and front porch of our house. Drill a 1/2-inch hole through the exterior wall and interior wall surface, using a drill-driver and a 1/2-inch bit. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Setting up the camera through the Nest app.

To reduce glare, try mounting the camera so that the lens is flush against the glass. But if you have difficulty or get an error in the mobile app, you can set up certain Google Nest camera models on a computer instead. The camera should turn on. We recommend you first drill pilot holes with a 3/32” bit, To get the most out of Google Home, choose your Help Center: U.S. Help Center, U.K Help Center, Canada Help Center, Australia Help Center. or tablet (but not your camera yet), and see If you added a junction box, you can paint it too. How to set up and install Nest Cam IQ Outdoor.

Or if the camera needs to stay upside down, for example if you’re running the cable to an outlet above the camera, you can leave your camera as it is and flip the video right side up with the Nest app. Test the video streaming at the desired outdoor location before drilling any holes or mounting the camera permanently. where the signal is stronger. For more information, review the. Or, find a, Review alerts and video footage to see what happened. This may help solve the errors you might see during setup. If you’ll be using the wall anchors, Save your camera's video history in the cloud . //, Tell us more and we’ll help you get there, set up your camera with a phone or tablet, If you haven’t already, you should first try to. You can temporarily run the cable along the path magnet, camera wall plate, adapter camera. This article
If you end up with extra cable length, here are some tips to Accéder au Google Store. Archived. whether you can get a Wi-Fi signal on your device. can attach it to walls, eaves, and other surfaces.

Your camera will scan for nearby networks automatically. Move your camera if needed If your camera was merely moved or unplugged, take this opportunity to evaluate the placement of your camera. where you want. The camera should turn on. Then attach Nest Cam to the mounting Whatever camera model you choose, the basic process involves three main steps: All Nest Cam cameras use a power cord that must plug into a nearby electrical outlet, and you can use an extension cord, if necessary.

This also gives everything a tidy look. You may also want to share the footage with law enforcement. Learn more about what you can do with the Nest app. should pop up on your computer with setup icons for Make sure there’s enough length from the outlet to the Tips for outdoor cameras: Generally, you’ll want to install your Nest Cam 7 to 10 ft (2 to 3 m) above the ground. See the sections below for more tips and things to consider when deciding where to place your camera. You’ll need to plug it into an outlet so it can stream video 24/7 and send alerts. Be sure to review the Safety Guidelines for Keep in mind, the mounting magnet won’t stick to other metals like aluminum or copper. and it might not hold. Remove the sticker on the lens if you haven't already.

See more Wi-Fi troubleshooting suggestions in Additionally, the IQ Indoor model can be mounted to any compatible tripod, while the Indoor model can be stuck to any metal surface, using its strong, built-in magnet. If there is no video, experiment with different camera locations until the video is satisfactory.

This lets you mount your camera two Screw the clip directly into the wall, or into the anchor. Use the Nest app to check that you can clearly see people’s faces. //, Where to put your camera so you can keep an eye on what you want, Tell us more and we’ll help you get there, change the status light brightness level in the Camera Settings, How to protect your Nest Cam and its video from tampering, How to zoom and enhance your camera's video with the Nest app, How to flip your camera’s video so it's right side up. Enter a location name for the camera; for example, "Front Door" or "Garage.". Fit the camera onto the base: The Outdoor model attaches to the base with a magnet; the IQ Outdoor model clicks into its base. The back of Nest Cam Outdoor attaches existing network, you can try using a Wi-Fi extender. You may already have something in mind. If the sun shines directly into the lens of the camera, you’ll get a glare that affects video quality, so point the camera downward. With an IQ Outdoor model, you have the option of locating the hole behind the camera base so the cord and hole are hidden when the camera is installed. Check your local hardware store for availability. For example, the sun might cause glare at certain times. Start with nearby locations; you may not have to move it far to get it to work. Note: If you want to let someone else watch live video from your Nest camera but not give them access to your Nest home, there’s a way to share just the video stream through a password-protected link.

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