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Liston’s credibility was destroyed by two farcical defeats to the up-and-coming Muhammad Ali. Sleeper may have been a marked man on the police force, but he still had his ear to the ground. In an eagerly anticipated rematch, he went down in the first round to Ali’s infamous phantom punch. Then she broke free and screamed, “Can you tell me what happened to you, Sonny?”, It was just the beginning of the strange goings-on over Sonny’s lifeless body. “Due to Mrs. Liston’s apparent shock over the death of her husband, [we] were unable to interview her for further information,” one of the officers wrote. The death of former heavyweight champion Sonny Liston remains one of the greatest mysteries in sporting history. Even Geraldine, who managed Sonny better than anybody, was at her wit’s end with his mood swings. "In the ring, Sonny was a killing machine," said Johnny Tocco, one of Liston's trainers. There was another word. Instead, the discovery of Sonny had to wait until Geraldine flew home with Daniel on January 5 and stepped into the living room thinking the foul smell that hit her was food left burning on the stove. All rights reserved. And twenty minutes later he was in the Listons’ bedroom, looking over the body and confirming what she already knew: Sonny was way past dead. Sonny Liston was born on May 8, 1932 and died on December 30, 1970. There were heroin metabolites in Liston’s blood, and Caputo suspected an overdose. They set up the sort of fights that he nobody else could. In a corner booth he spied Clyde Watkins and strolled over to him with the girls. Sonny wasn’t there. When Liston was arrested for robbery in 1950, he gave his age as 22. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Safety Information/Your California Privacy Rights/Do Not Sell My Info/Children's Online Privacy Policy are applicable to you. Yet very few people connected to Liston accepted that he overdosed. It’s time to end the LeBron James-Michael Jordan debate Read now At this point the plot thickens, because according to a story that was subsequently printed in the Sun, one of the last persons to see Sonny alive was an “undercover narcotics agent” who stopped by Ottawa Drive on December 30. Getty Images. But he said he wasn’t anywhere near Sonny’s home on that day, and the BNDD field agent who was working for him, John Sutton, was already back in Los Angeles. There was no sign of Sonny’s tall white mistress, although she may have been on the fringes, her junkie eyes hidden under thick mascara and her big breasts covered by the mink coat Sonny had bought her. Amid all the caroling and caterwauling, the Listons tried hard to act like a family. Those fears were borne out shortly after Cline's death in 1997. After his humiliating loss to Lamb, there was nowhere for John Sleeper to go but down. Investigating officer Sergeant Dennis Caputo found a small bag of heroin in the kitchen, but no syringe. I just have that confidence.”, From the dais, Father Murphy gave a moving account of their friendship. And, Lord knows, he worried about Geraldine, who worried enough for the two for them. Tissue and body fluid samples were taken for toxicological and microscopic examination, but these tests will not be completed for several days. Not only was he demoted to a desk job on the graveyard shift, he got demoted again, this time to a mere patrolman. I got to peek up the stairs [as paramedics were lifting Sonny onto a gurney] and I could see Sonny’s leg and his arm was all swollen.” The men stayed about twenty minutes and then left. Unruly. So why exactly would anyone want to kill the former heavyweight champion of the world? Tocco said that Liston was involved in a car crash just before his death and he was taken to hospital with whiplash. LeBron James continues to expand our concept of excellence Read now, The coroner acknowledged that “traces” of morphine and codeine, the by-products of heroin, were found in Sonny’s body tissue. Another Liston biographer, Rob Steen, noted that Liston was terrified of needles. In the early afternoon, he set off for L.A. in his new Cadillac. “I was able to help him so many times that I was criticized by some of my closest friends. “I went in the kitchen and didn’t see anything,” she’d say. In a weirdly prescient metaphor, Sonny once told The Washington Post: “Fighters are just like cars. Banker remembers his friend as being upbeat and optimistic. Karl Albright, then a sergeant with the sheriff’s department who worked closely with Robinson, told me that he didn’t visit Liston.

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