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He was all at sea here, as Jonk clipped a cute pass down the inside-right channel for Bergkamp, who dinked a teasing cross which took a nick off Sensini and spooned up into the middle. 63 min: The ball has been in Argentina’s half for roughly ten minutes now. A penny for David Beckham’s thoughts right now. But they’ll have to be on it when they face another set of South American giants – the holders, Brazil, who’ve got the brilliant young forward Ronaldo leading their attack. And is Roy Keane going to be the same player when he returns from his knee injury? Once more, he outstrips the cumbersome Stam - £10m well spent by Manchester United there, it seems - but his cutback is a waste, miscued straight to Van der Sar with Batistuta hanging back just outside the six-yard box. 58 min: Unlucky. Numan has Ortega in his pocket. GOAL! “I‘m down in the shaded corner of the Stade Vélodrome having drawn the tastiest tie of the quarter-finals with my pre-bought ticket allocation,” Justin Kavanagh says. He’s got plenty of time and space but, with Batistuta and Lopez waiting in the middle, the cross is dreadful. The referee blew - momentarily it seemed for a penalty - but he then flashed a yellow card in Ortega’s direction. 40 min: A lull. 65 min: The pace of Overmars is causing trouble already. I’m only watching this on a television, but I’m a bit worried Davids is going to leap out of the screen and throttle me for control of the remote. With his back to goal, he then passed the ball left to Simeone, who smashed a first-time shot with his right foot that whistled just wide. That should be that. It was just so pointless. That was all the more remarkable because Batistuta has been completely invisible, but he only needs one moment to change the game (although he needs another one now). Contact us, 76' ejection - red card for second yellow. Sensini is enthusiastically applauding the decision. Champions, stats, national teams and players from each World Cup. This was all down to excellent foraging from the marauding Zanetti, who darted in from the right flank, bothering several Holland defenders on the edge of the area. On the edge of Holland’s area, Simeone falls ludicrously under a non-existent challenge from De Boer. He clips the ball to the far post, but Kluivert can only nod over the bar. First published on Wed 15 Apr 2020 18.45 BST. The heat will do this to a match. 45 more minutes and we may know who will face Brazil in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Holland 1-0 Argentina (Kluivert, 12 min), Take a look back at our other nostalgic live reports, Retro MBM coverage of a classic match from France ‘98. Argentina can’t get out. Assessing his options, he looked to release the ball, before spotting Bergkamp making a run in the corner of his eye. WHAT A PLAYER. 45 min +1: Van der Sar stood still. 49 min: It’s pretty tight. BUT WHAT AN IDIOT. Argentina couldn’t, could they? 79 min: What’s encouraging for Holland is that Argentina were clueless when England went down to ten men. 46 min: Off we go again. OH MY WORD! ARIEL ORTEGA, THOUGH. The ball runs loose for Kluivert and again he looks for Bergkamp, whose weak shot on the turn on the edge of the area is blocked by Ayala. Yes, he’s back. Pos = Position. Holland take the kick-off and we’re up and running, until Jonk fouls Veron needlessly. Beating a team as good as Argentina is no mean feat. 74 min: Numan crosses towards the penalty area but Bergkamp had to backtrack to reach it and he was off balance as he nodded tamely wide left. That’s very lenient by the referee and kind of inconsistent too. Diego Maradona against England in 1986 multiplied by Marco Van Basten against USSR in 1988 divided by Michael Owen against Argentina this week = this goal, one of the greatest that will ever be scored in any football match at any time in any place. 54 min: It’s all Holland. Holland 2 vs. Argentina 1 in the 1998 World Cup Information about the 1/4 Finals game played in the 1998 Soccer World Cup between the National Teams of Argentina and Holland with details about goals, starters and reserves, substitutions, cards and more. Numan charges up the left and fires in a cross which is just too high for Bergkamp in the middle. An inauspicious start. To be fair, Holland can have few complaints about this and it’s no surprise that it’s come from another Argentina counterattack. He watched, he prayed and he breathed a sigh of relief. Bergkamp might have other ideas, though. PEEP! Available for everyone, funded by readers. It hasn’t got going yet, although there’s plenty of attacking intent, with both Holland full-backs getting forward encouragingly. 47 min: Argentina will probably want to finish this inside the 90 - they have played extra-time and Holland have had an extra day’s rest. DENNIS BERGKAMP IS WHY I’M SHOUTING. Numan is distraught but has finally gone down the tunnel. Argentina take advantages of the gaps in Holland’s defence again on the counter. Many believe Ronaldo will come to define this World Cup. With Argentina pressing, Ortega had the ball on the right of Holland’s area. 67 min: Cocu has a go from 30 yards out. A long, raking pass from Stam located him deep on the right. The 1998 FIFA World Cup knockout stage covers the games from the second round through to the final at the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France. No free-kick is given but it’s doubtful Argentina are doing much to secure the backing of the neutrals with shameless dives like that. DIEGO SIMEONE DOES IT AGAIN! Each team was required to submit a squad of 22 players – numbered sequentially from 1 to 22 – from whom they would select their teams for each match at the t… Veron leads the counter, running some distance with the ball unchallenged, before finding Batistuta, who’s peeled off to the right. Ortega does go down very easily. 88 min: What on earth is Ortega playing at here? Kluivert admonishes Numan. Maybe the referee has belatedly decided to book him for one of his many earlier offences. The ball sits up invitingly for him to strike, but he can’t control. This is a fascinating game. The referee took his sweet time making his mind up about that one. This is turning into a brilliant game. The half-time whistle blows, the end to a fine, open first half of football. 90 min+2: Jose Chamot comes off and Argentina throw on the veteran striker, Abel Balbo. He runs straight over the ball and on into the area, allowing Veron to chip it to an Simeone player on the edge of the area. And what do you know, no sooner do they show some ambition, they hit the post for the second time in the match! He looks to head it on to Batistuta, but the execution is wrong. Someone’s fuse is going to blow eventually. The tempo is much better. Advantage was played, but once Simeone got to the loose ball, Numan chopped him down, his victim flying through the air and writhing in agony. Just here, he slipped a delicate pass inside the makeshift left-back, Cocu, for the onrushing Zanetti to chase. Numan might blame Davids for the referee’s decision though, because just before he made his tackle, the midfielder had clattered into Veron on the halfway line. 81 min: Holland are surely going to come under severe pressure now, especially as Veron currently has a grip on midfield. 64 min: Argentina get past the halfway line! 50 min: Numan finds space on the left again, but Sensini blocks his cross behind for a corner. Oh, he’ll definitely be back. “Looking at the alternatives do you think Ferguson is watching this and wondering about Veron?He looks like someone who would thrive in the Premiership? Jonk overhits it. 85 min: This is getting ridiculous now. 35 min: Holland are on top now and their main man, Ronald De Boer, his quick feet a joy to watch, slaloms in from the right before laying the ball back to Jonk, whose swerving shot is beaten aside by Roa. 53 min: Holland are winning a succession of corners and this time Veron has to deflect Cocu’s left-wing cross behind. PEEP! He is setting the tempo for Argentina, dictating play and demanding the ball. Corner. Argentina do have a free-kick, though, and this is not too dissimilar a situation to the one England faced on Tuesday night, where a splendidly sneaky set-piece set up Zanetti for the equaliser. He did it so many times for Arsenal last season, but this is the winner in the last minute of a World Cup quarter-final against Argentina. The ball falls to Chamot on the edge of the six-yard box, but he shanks a dismal clearance straight to Kluivert on the edge of the area.

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