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Anyways, Ed Tom says at one point, that everybody knows how violent America is, yet they still decide to live there and love the country. They feel more surreal with no boundary of timelines or linear progression like the rest of the story. Chigurh breaks into the first room where he finds three Mexicans (who are waiting to ambush Moss) and kills them without batting an eye. Why do eigenvalues correspond to observable quantities? Great Post! I would be curious to see what you thought of The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. Interesting analysis…although I do agree you may be looking a bit too much into it. I think I enjoy it so much due to it’s *nihilism* feel to it. Yeah, I know. Telescopic sight/toss of a coin/dreams. No Country For Old Men is the closest the Coen brothers have come to making a pure action movie and it features a number of superbly crafted set pieces. Great thoughts. He knows he can depend on his Father to be there ahead of him, providing the fire. Hey John. Chigurh then just walks away. I stole Matt’s comment because he said everything I wanted to say. I just finished rereading Blood Meridian, and I’m pretty sure I keep coming back to it because a part of me is convinced that THIS TIME I’ll actually learn what happens to The Kid. But he makes no such promise regarding Sheriff Bell, so I don’t know what his motive to track him down would be. We lose our hero it what seems a trivial way, the Coens’ pull off a masterstroke here, most other film makers would have followed the book more closely maybe, and had some shitty flashback as told by a witness to the sheriff. My then boyfriend wasn’t quite so pissed off about a wasted evening when I breathlessly explained my reasons for being so swept away, I think you all are missing the final plot twist – the sheriff returns to the final scene of the motel shoot out and recovered the money – he returns and seeks validation from Ellis – he immediately retired and lives happily ever after with $2 million. Clarity, chance, change/confusion. Choices are 50/50, and the outcome is uncontrollable no matter what choice you choose. Since you ask, I left theatre for television in the ’90s, working as a stage manager/assistant director before training as an aromatherapist. But notice how unimportant it seems to Ed Tom–he dismisses the fact that he “lost” the money (in the dream) in a very casual and offhand manner, as though it were some trivial thing that doesn’t even warrant further discussion. I did get that the last scene was the point, but you really help me understand it more fully. The Mexicans who kill Llewelyn Moss leave in a hurry and aren’t able to find the money. In spite of Anton being established as the agent of chaos, he consistently follows his own internal principles. On the one hand, Moss’ end tells us that our past sins catch up with us. Llewelyn takes a stand against Anton, and by habit, we associate the opposite of Anton’s persona to Llewelyn. Chigar was like the police for bad guys. Both had my father in 'em . When the sheriff was talking to the guy with all the cats (names are escaping me atm) he said a very seemingly psuedo-philisophical phrase that caught my attention. The point is that Islamic Terror, which Chigurh represents, is part of the cycle of life, and can never be totally defeated,but nevertheless must be fought. And, if you acknowledge the opinions of many of the above posters, including Zetland himself, this missing narrative (“floor”?) My takeaway from the movie and the book is that our society’s moral state is like that of Llewelyn. This means that Bell represents a character displaced from an era in the Western where the old ideas of law enforcement or casualties no longer seem to apply. Now, Anton is clearly labeled as the principal ‘bad guy’.

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