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simply stunning, There is a Hendrix compilation, titled Blues. They spotlight Walker’s smooth crooner’s voice as well as supernal fretboard skills on a varied selection of material that ranges from silky ballads (“Glamour Girl”) to big band jump-blues excursions (“Strollin’ With Bones”). Plus the fact Ronnie plays ever note like it is his last! Muddy Waters The London Sessions. I know most folks think of Louis Armstrong as Jazz, but for me, I’d include some of his work. ), The standout track on Tons Of Sobs is The Hunter, a swaggering version of the blues rock staple originally written for Booker T And The MGs.View Deal. Also, The London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions could have also been included. Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, and Frank Zappa all cited Slim as a seminal influence. They wrote very little material themselves but the Animals reworked their covers so thoroughly they probably thought they had written them. By 1956, Rush had quit his job in a steel mill having established himself as a rising star of the Windy City’s vibrant west side blues scene. Johnny Winter progressive blues experiment Hopkins’ career began spectacularly in a meteoric fashion during the late 1940s and early 50s when he scored a string of big US R&B hits like “Shotgun Blues.” But just as fast, his popularity began to wane. The Fabulous Thunderbirds: `Girls Go Wild Is Awesome! It helps that Clapton is in white-hot form, blazing with the arrogant bravado of youth and self-belief, justifying his ‘God’-like status. Their grooves are sexier, their rave-ups bluesier and their blues boozier. – JT, While not a founding father of punk blues, Jon Spencer has arguably become its best-known and loudest promoter. Hugh Fielder, The 100 best albums of the 21st century ... Tavares and Eddie Johns condensed into tinny yet heavy filter-house. One of the Mississippi blues maestro’s more unusual live performances was this one, recorded on September 10, 1970, at an outdoor concert within the walls of a large Chicago penitentiary, where he played to an audience of over 2,000 prison inmates. Chicken Shack appears on so few lists of greats, sad to say. On Good Mornin’ Blues, Barber’s band features Northern Irish singer/songwriter, Ottilie Patterson, as well as London jazz saxophone legend, Ronnie Scott, on a selection of material that ranges from Lead Belly’s title song and Lionel Hampton’s “Hamp’s Blues” to originals by Barber and Patterson. Either of the first two Hot Tuna albums? “Some Fool’s Mess” brightened up The Birthday Party’s junkyard jive whereas “Just One More” is The Cramps gone exotica. His namesake power trio followed the former act and overlapped with the latter, and their fourth album was a mainstream breakthrough buoyed by Beck guest spots, Beastie Boys remixes, and great timing. Macclesfield born multi-instrumentalist Mayall is still going strong at 86. Affectionately nicknamed the “Velvet Bulldozer” due to his silky smooth voice and imposing physique (he stood 6’4” tall and reputedly weighed 250lbs), Albert King rose to fame in the second half of the 1960s with his Born Under A Bad Sign album. Etta James, Tell Mamma. You will receive a verification email shortly. Consisting of just voice and guitar, the LP captured the visceral intensity of Hopkins’ performances via tracks such as the mournful “Penitentiary Blues” and livelier boogie-style “Come Go Home With Me.”. Billy Gibbons' fretwork is as greasy as any you'll hear west of the Mississippi River, and songs like "Jesus Just Left Chicago," "Master of Sparks," "Hot, Blue and Righteous," and the classic "La Grange" buzz and rattle with the angry ghosts of a hundred Delta bluesmen. The group’s blues roots are reflected by their meaty repurposing of songs by T-Bone Walker (“Stormy Monday”), Blind Willie McTell (“Statesboro Blues”), and Elmore James (“Done Somebody Wrong”). He began his solo recording career in 1978 and recorded Still Got The Blues – which went platinum in the UK and gold in the USA – twelve years later. From there, we worked backwards, learning the scales, and a lot of the history, like who influenced, covered and/or ripped off who. Check out Wild-Child Butler. I like Bonamassa but don’t consider him a bluesman. Savoy Brown definitely belongs on that list. We’ve set ourselves another, almost, impossible challenge. There’s the jazz end of the blues, the folk-blues, blues rock, straight forward, honest to goodness, down home blues, Chicago blues, British blues, country blues, as well as white men playing the blues. But before the band came to an end in the mid-’90s, they delivered their most polished effort, which also happens to be a down and dirty set of hard-luck rippers. Included are a couple of potent original tunes, including an epic 23-minute-long version of the progressive-rock-style “Whipping Post.”. The Groundhogs’ “Split” is one of the best unknown albums of all time, easily. Every single LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS ALBUM is better than MOST of the albums listed. Jimmy Barnes A feel-good collaboration between two Texas veteran guitar slingers and newcomer, Cray, Showdown! Frank ….. agreed. ‘Street Corner Talking’ should be on the list. Both are raw expressions from deep in one’s gut, and blues’ origin story—at least the fictional one about Robert Johnson having his guitar tuned by the devil himself—is punk as fuck. You might want to re-evaluate your stance on Stevie Ray Vaughan too. And even though it didn’t, it is still one of the most important albums in 60s blues rock, and its influence on what came afterwards is immense.

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