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Consult your own financial professional before making any financial decisions). Rather than uninspiring high-rises, today’s made-for-rental buildings can have all the frills of a condominium – plus more.
I/we are just investors expressing our opinion, and are not registered financial advisors, nor attorneys nor accountants. ), #BREIT #BlackstoneRealEstateIncomeTrustBREIT #investorclub. The Blackstone management fee is 1.25% of NAV per year. Vote your proxy online or by phone by dialing (800) 690-6903. Thankfully there is now an alternative. It's leveraged at a fairly conservative 48% ltv (average for core plus is 50%) and contains 126 properties ($5.3 billion in assets) and an unusually diversified mix. More than $800 million worth of the properties changed hands in the second quarter, up 23% from a year earlier, according to a report from JLL.

Manhattan Ridge Advisors ( is offering members of The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review Investor Club access to BREIT Class I (normally requires $1 million minimum investment in exchange for no share class fees). Always consult with your own licensed professional before making any investment decision. For further information on the impact of COVID-19 on BREIT, please refer to “Risk BLACKSTONE REAL ESTATE INCOME FUND COMMON SHARES OF BENEFICIAL INTEREST The Fund. The sponsor, Blackstone, has 26 years of experience through multiple cycles and manages a mind blowing $115 billion of real estate. BREIT is by far the largest and one of the best diversified core+ strategy funds (which along with core has historically outperformed all other strategies). The Blackstone portfolio includes a wide variety of asset types: retail, residential, industrial, office, and hotel. (Note: the above is a link to The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review Investor Club. Investors have turned to the properties during pandemic, Other types of commercial real estate have been hit hard. The luxury apartment is designed specifically for rental and features a state-of-the-art gym, a yoga spinning studio, a spa, Italian fabricated Scavolini kitchens, an outdoor pool, pet spa, and an onsite bistro. BREIT will seek to directly own stabilized income-generating U.S. commercial real estate across the key property types. The *biggest downside* is that there are 4 classes of shares with different share class specific fees, and the cheaper ones are difficult/impossible to gain access to (although, there is an alternative which I will discuss in the next section). Starwood has fifteen real estate funds available to investors, the largest totaling over $5.5 billion. Similarly, the Starwood Capital Group was founded in 1991 and has been a major real estate player for over twenty-five years. Site members can send donations (and a $200 donation entitles them to access my personal low-level due diligence notes on investments I've put money into). Have a confidential tip for our reporters? And if the club chooses to create a feeder, I take a fee as manager (and keep the excess beyond expenses). For example: Merrill Lynch requires half million dollars of total assets to be invested with them. The lockup and withdrawal are also one of the best in the industry. So far over half a million dollars of interest has been indicated, so it's very likely to happen. Blackstone is set to make the investment through a vehicle known as Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust, or BREIT, and plans to spend money upgrading the properties, including shared facilities such as swimming pools, one of the people said. During the pandemic, transactions involving mobile-home parks have outpaced other corners of the commercial real estate market as investors steer clear of harder-hit sectors such as retail and hotels. It's only available through certain fee-based advisors, and these typically require things that most investors can't or don't want to do (unless they already have accounts with them). It's leveraged at a fairly conservative 48% ltv (average for core plus is 50%) and contains 126 properties ($5.3 billion in assets) and an unusually diversified mix. “Blackstone inherently understands our business and is exceptionally well-positioned to help us bring our tech-enabled operating platform to its full potential,” says Berman. This fund is currently returning 5.79% net in distributions, and 10.9% net in total return (distributions + price appreciation). The firm owns less than 1% of the manufactured housing market. Blackstone made its first manufactured-housing bet in 2018, snapping up 14 communities sold by Tricon Capital Group Inc., Bloomberg reported at the time. Use of this site constitutes your acceptance of it's terms and conditions. (Core/core plus has historically outperformed all other strategies, due to better performance in downturns from more conservative leverage and strategy). The deal mark’s Blackstone’s re-entry into the rental market; the company once lead Wall Street’s initial venture into the single-family rental business.

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