When Can I See You Again?

How do I submit a famous person to Find a Grave? We were unable to submit your feedback at this time. Go to Contribute. Do not confuse importance with fame. Be sure to include the cemetery ID or link to the cemetery page. Many cemetery offices will only provide plot information to the relatives of the deceased and will not assist photo volunteers with finding the grave's location. While yearbooks may not provide information about the vital events that are usually associated with genealogical research, they do provide other information about individuals' lives. Then Save Changes. Only the manager of the memorial can sort the photos. We’ve updated the security on the site. I find it different and it will take a little getting used to now that it has some changes. She travels, visits cemeteries and other historical places while gathering and collecting old photos, albums, scrapbooks and other pieces of memorable history to study and share. Then email edit@findagrave.com with a link to the memorial and request to have the memorial designated a cenotaph. Select ‘Suggest Edits’ on the memorial page. The following types of advertising are not allowed on Find a Grave: Go to Account Settings. Select Photos to Transcribe. i.e "He was president from 1876 to 1884" rather than "He was president 1876-1884".Personal information:Personal opinions from the author of the bio are expressly discouraged. When viewing a record in this database, you can navigate to the corresponding memorial on Find A Grave by clicking "Go to website" or clicking on the Find A Grave URL. One paragraph only.Ampersands are not allowed. Users can narrow the search results by providing the state or country if the cemetery is outside of the United States. The census gives us a glimpse into the lives of Americans in 1940, with details about a household’s occupants that include birthplaces, occupations, education, citizenship, and income. Locate the flower you want to add to your scrapbook and hover over the icon in the upper right of the flower. Select Photo Requests to search for available requests. A system error has occurred. It may also be the original marker for someone who has since been reinterred elsewhere. Go to your Profile and select the Find a Member option under Following. If the memorial page you are looking at does not have a headstone picture, you can request for a volunteer in the area of the cemetery take one for you. If the pet is not buried in a cemetery, use the Animal / Pet option within the Not Buried in a Cemetery option. From the memorial, select the +Save To button in the upper center of the memorial. When describing a time span, write it out rather than using a dash. How do I add the GPS location of a grave? Information contributed by other users might not be accurate. A vote of one star indicates that the person was barely famous. before submitting. Click on the 'Edit' button. Do I need a separate login for the Community Forums? These Custom Flowers can be photos or animated GIFs. If you copy photos that are not yours and use somewhere without asking someone they could mind! Depending on the cemetery location and the number of volunteers in the area, it may take a few weeks or even longer for a photo request to be fulfilled. It also lets people know who is part of that family. Select Photo Requests from either the camera icon or from the Contribute page. Select Flower Settings under Account Settings. How do I correct a wrong or incomplete editing request I submitted? Find a Grave is a work in progress and documenting all burials worldwide is a massive undertaking for the membership. No. Take a screenshot of the ad (use the Alt+PrtScn button on your windows keyboard, or Command+Shift+4 for Mac) then paste that in to email. How do I allow or prevent other members from transcribing photos I upload? Use the Cemetery Correction/Updates forum to submit other commonly used names. If you are the manager of the memorial, click on the photos tab, then click on 'Sort photos'.The Change Photo Order popup will allow you to drag the photos to a different order. Write out the word "and" instead of using an "&".Links to other websites or email addresses are not allowed within a biography. Please check your email and click on the link to activate your account. Is Find a Grave a non-profit organization? Fill in all the information known about the cemetery. You will need to send an email to photo@findagrave.com with a link (URL) to the cemetery, the name of the cemetery, and a description of the photo in question. These memorial pages allow for biographical and tombstone information, in addition to a tombstone picture. Users can also search for grave sites in various cemeteries around the world by using the cemetery lookup feature. Click the 'Request Photo' button in the Photos section of the memorial you would like someone to photograph. Becoming a Find a Grave member is fast, easy and FREE. What are your memorial naming conventions? Tips on starting your family tree For Beginners! Select the category of Flower, then the Flower. Put the entire first name (if known), even if the grave marker is only an initial. How do I update or correct an error in memorial data on a memorial I do not manage?

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