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The word "defeat" is not in the dictionary of Gurkha...the gene carrying the behaviour for "fear" lacks in their DNA...gurkha i salute you !! In assessing the tactics, strength, equipment, personnel and abilities as a whole of these Malaysian special forces, they are the equal in competence with the special forces teams of Indonesia, Britain and the United States. Can Israel provoke Pakistan? They are keen warriors. I'm not saying the Smuggler is better or tougher then the military men I have known. Merchant Marine Strength: 12,074 [2008] I wrote the above comment and wanted to say that I'm aware of JSDF (Japan's Defense Forces) but excluding them from the term "army" out of respect for Japan's intention of it as a self-defense force only. america was the worlds superpower during wwII and we have allies in some of the strognest armies of the world russia brittan are 2 of my favorite, USA should be number 1 USA has the best weapons best technology and there is a reason the army is voulnetered because they dont need to pull ppl of the streets for tiny wars in iraq afghanistan they have it all undercontrol and if usa needs people then thats when usa drafts young men to fight in the war just like ww2 USA is the strongest country in the world check any other site besides this one! I understand that but you also have to understand how many innocent Afghani civilians have died. In my opinion the ARW are above the rest If they had an army full of girls like her there is no way anyone would mess with Latvia. It has defeated the Indian Amy in 1965 and India have to go to the united nation after 17 days of war to help them to stop the war. Spetsnaz is the reason I voted for Russia and Russia also has one of the best tanks in the world, the T-14 Armata. In fact, they only left as early as they did because the public insisted that the government withdraw from the war, a war they considered pointless. Indonesians, Filipana's etc COME here to train - not the other way around. The most important criteria in deciding the most powerful army is not only weapons quantity, manpower or industrial back ground supporting the war. In Latvian Army only has 8-10k soldiers but they are profesional! S got a stronger army, China got stronger army, Korea got stronger army, Do not forget that Egypt won the war against the Magold. is ranking website which always create quality and research work so our reader can take maximum of there desired information. The Germans may have aquired stuff nowadays none knows about as it always was in their military history. One country in the world spends more to put soldiers in the field than the US.Only ONE country - it is NOT the U.K. During WW2 Turkey was neutral...again! stop ****ing with albania, kosovo, croatia and bosnia and maybe you won't be ****ed over again. It is their job. gurkha are the bravest solders even uk has top rank for gurkha not only that but even hitler told he would have conqure world if he had gurkha, i love my nepal................the only thing that we are behind is coz of the politicians who are traitors to our country,,,,,,,all of them must be exiled permanently from nepal. As other countries like America and Saudi Arabia also get help from Pakistan’s Army and take them to their countries to solve their issues to their enemies. Korean People’s Army is strongest army. during Doiran (1918).Their cavary divison were better than the cossaks during the WWI encounters.

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