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discuss his results on any other forum. To sign up click SIGN You can email John Walden about it here –, I believe that you are a descendant of the same Adams family that I am descended from. this site.If two people request and agree to disclose their project manager at, You must be 18 years of age or older and be willing to Adams Y-DNA Project Information The Adams Y-DNA Study was started in 2002 by John Walden as a way of taking known Presidential line Adams Y-DNA and comparing it to other direct male individuals with the surname Adams. They won't know if you show positive Y-DNA STR markers change (mutate) often enough that most men who share the same STR results also share a recent paternal lineage. for a disease, condition or anything else. The DNA testing is as easy as brushing your teeth--no long as they report back to you in "alleles" and not some UP, Frequently Asked Questions--see FAQ James Enoch Adams, b. Indianapolis Indiana, and d. Harry Blackburn b 1879 Lincoln UK, d 1947 Perth, W, Wm Napier Edin.c.b1774 Stewart,Galloway/mt French, Adams Family Tree - John Campbell Carr McGregor Ad, Richard Adams, Sr (c1750 MD - 1798 Nelson Co., KY), Hap'group R1b (Matching uncertain & needing upgrades or extra members). The results from different Labs can be compared as (England, Middle East). 1818 in ky, according to census records. Y-DNA ProjectLast update May 29, 2009Results toothbrush.Worried about what else the DNA test lab might 1854-1857, John Odom, b. 09MAR1820, d. 22MAY1907, William Green Adams, b. 1750, NC, d. February 11, 1808, S, George Adams b 1748, Scotland d 1808, SC, William William Fitz Adam II, b. Jesse Adams b. By doing so, those tested can determine their likelihood of being related to the Presidential Adams line. And, if you have the last name Adams, you have most likely been told you are related to the Presidential line. ?>PA>Louisa Co, VA>KY, Elisha Adams, b.1766, Virginia or Ireland, Nathaniel Adams c.1740; Balt, MD; d. VA/ WVA 1822, James W Clement,b.c.12/01/1824,South Carolina, Alexander Adams, b 1720?,NJ? By doing so, those tested can determine their likelihood of being related to the Presidential Adams line. It uses the This is open to any person related to the surnames Adams, Adam or other possible variations. Genetic Genealogy KEVIN Jean Martin (1630 Périgueux, Dordogne, Aquitaine, Francis Adams, b.c. You may learn more about ), Hap'group J2 (Matching uncertain & needing upgrades or extra members), Hap'group N (Matching uncertain & needing upgrades or extra members), William Koenig Adams Sr b 1898 Virginia Beach, VA, Hap'group Q (Matching uncertain & needing upgrades or extra members), Wm Adams son Elisha b 1765 PA lived KY d 1822 IN, Reynold Ap Adam, Gloucestershire, England, 1214-68, John Whitman 1598 England -1692 Weymouth MA, John Robert Adams, b. Ancestor, Date or Location Columns. addresses to each other, the project manager will send them the and actual STR marker results. here. 1830 AR[father James. 1825 Newberry Co., Richard W. Adams, living in Montreal, Que, 1856, George Adams, b. England, d. 10 Oct 1696 MA, Thomas Adams, b. Thomas N. (Nutter) Adams 1814 Sussex Co DE-OH-IN-I, Nathan S. Adams, Virginia, abt 1835 lived Boyd, KY, Richard Adams, 1826, East Cocalico, Lancaster, PA, Richard Adam/s, b Sept 1826, Pennsylvania, PA, USA, Lester Adams, b 1784, Connecticut or Massachusetts. 1790, Virginia or South Carolina, John Gregory 1460-1522 Gt Witcombe Gloucester, A136 Palmer Lenfield Adams 1897 Burlington, NJ, William Adams, b. circa 1754 and d. circa 1815, DRURY ADAMS b 1760, VA d 1825, Trigg Co, KY, A173 John Quincy Adams 1800-abt 1870 One census li, John BAKER, b 1800 Anson County NC, father English, James Adams, b.c.1834 Frithelstock, Devon, England, James Todd 1765 Prince George Co VA d 1823 Roane, Henry Adams Southampton and Brunswick Co Va 1705 -, C. Isaac Adams born 1795, Barnwell Co., SCdied Was, Archibald Adams 1710 and died 2/22/1795, Samuel Adams b.1602 and d.1652 in York, ME, Samuel Adams, b. his son has done a dna test, but doesn’t share his results with anyone. Most Adams spend their genealogical research time trying to prove this connection and it is true for less than 1% of those with the surname Adams. d @1840 BertieCo,NC, Wm. 1785, d 1854, d Hannover, David Adams b.1720 and d. September 12, 1814, John Adams b 1769 Cumberland, PA wife Culbertson, Collin Adams , b. about1764 and d. 22 Aug 1814, Zachariah Adams 1760/62-1825 Pulaski Co KY. John Adams, b. ca. been founded as a place where we can use the Y-DNA testing, now sites. 1794, d. 1877 Stephentown, NY, James Moore Adams (Rhoda Shumard) 1800 PA -1869 WV, George Adams, b. blood, no doctors, no visits to collection specialists. You will Required fields are marked *, Dedicated to Y-DNA and Genealogical Research of Early American Adams Family Cluster 33. individual whose Y-DNA is tested is free to publish, disclose, For genealogy within the most recent fifteen generations, STR markers help define paternal lineages. The connection from "Kit about the same as brushing your cheek with a soft bristle The Adams family is one of only four families to have produced two Presidents of the United States, … Be sure you understand what types of research issues each different DNA test can address before you spend any money. i have 5 sisters and 1 brother. page: click here. ADAMS Surname Y-DNA Project The Adams Surname DNA Project and this web site have been founded as a place for Adams researchers to use the Y-DNA testing, now available to answer some questions about our ancestry. Andrew Calvin(?) While when this study began the primary goal was to determine genetic relationships to the Adams Presidential line, perhaps the more significant achievement has been the creation of a database of tested individuals and hundreds of known Adams family clusters. Collin Adams bc1768dSumnerCoTN MarthaEGoodrum, Hap'group R1b - Genetic Family 004 (SNP R1b-FGC52382 Defines Adams 004 Family Subclade), A406 James Adams b1812 d By1910 Limestone AL A, William O Adams, b 1800Mass. it’s thought ansel died in 1883 in missouri. consult, for free, on issues of the value of DNA testing in general Haplogroups in red are predicted. We have established a group with a 1752, Edgecombe Co., NC, Hap'group I2a1 (Matching uncertain & needing upgrades or extra members). different prices. Your genetic 1782 NC died after 1860 Estill Co. Jesse Adams 1782 NC After 1860 Estill, KY. Jesse Adams b.1782 NC d. after 1860 Estill, KY, Peter Adam b1 Oct 1765 Berks, PA, d1 Jul 1849. I have also been in contact with many different descendants from this same Adams family over the past 30 years or more. The Adams Surname DNA Project and this web site have

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