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We partner with the healthcare community to continually find more efficient, smarter ways to help solve the world's most pressing healthcare challenges. Our products help clinicians be more efficient and effective in treating patients at the hospital bedside, in the operating theatre, in the intensive care unit, at home and in the dialysis clinic. In 1971, Baxter built a major manufacturing plant in Ashdod, Israel, and as a result, the company was placed on the Arab League boycott list in the early 1980s. [58], In 2010, a jury in Las Vegas, Nevada, ordered Baxter and Teva Pharmaceuticals to pay $144 million to patients who had been infected with hepatitis C after doctors wrongly reused dirty medical supplies to administer propofol to patients, although the label for propofol clearly states that it is for single-patient use only and that aseptic procedures should be used at all times. We are proud of our strong commitment to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. From the pharmacy to the bedside, we support you and your healthcare providers with intravenous medications and infusion technologies designed with safety in mind. [55] Samples of the less harmful seasonal flu virus (subtype H3N2) were found to be mixed with the deadly H5N1 strain after a vaccine made from the material killed test animals in a lab in the Czech Republic. In 1956 Baxter International introduced the first functioning artificial kidney, and in 1971 became a member of the Fortune 500. We work at the critical intersection where innovations that save and sustain lives meet the clinicians, nurses and pharmacists who make it happen. In 2013, Baxter International spent more than $1.2 billion on research and development. [45], The Baxter Althane disaster in autumn 2001 was a series of 56 sudden deaths of kidney failure patients in Spain, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, Colombia and the USA (mainly Nebraska and Texas). [61], In December 2011, the non-partisan organization Public Campaign criticized Baxter for spending $10.45 million on lobbying and not paying any taxes during 2008–2010, instead getting $66 million in tax rebates, despite making a profit of $926 million. At the Intersection of Saving and Sustaining Lives, Enabling patients to manage their care at home, Baxter Publishes 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report, Highlighting Efforts to Make a Meaningful Difference as a Leading Global Corporate Citizen, Baxter Announces Partnership With Zeosys Medical to Bring Innovative, Environmentally Friendly Anaesthesia Gas Recapture Technology to Hospitals. Learn more about our diverse product portfolio. [16] Caremark was fined $160 million for the "four-year-long federal mail-fraud and kickback" scheme in which the "home-infusion business unit made weekly payments to scores of doctors that averaged about $75 per patient for referring those patients to its services. Joe Almeida shares his outlook on a range of topics. Enabling surgeons and anaesthetists to act with precision and speed to minimise complications and increase efficiency in the operating theatre. [3], The company primarily focuses on products to treat hemophilia, kidney disease, immune disorders and other chronic and acute medical conditions. Adverse Events should also be reported to Baxter Healthcare Ltd, by email ([email protected]) or by phone (+44 (0)1635 206360). [41], Baxter was included for the 13th year in Corporate Responsibility magazine's 100 Best Corporate Citizens list in 2014 for its social responsibility performance. The medical products company retained the name Baxter International Inc. and the bio-pharmaceuticals company is named Baxalta and spun-off as a new public company that showed on trading boards as of July 1, 2015. We partner with surgical teams around the world so they can operate with confidence, precision and speed for a successful outcome to your surgery. All rights reserved. Community Engagement Enriching the communities where we live and work. The investigation into the contamination has focused on raw heparin produced by one of Baxter's subcontractors Changzhou Scientific Protein Laboratories, a China-based branch of Scientific Protein Laboratories, based in Waunakee, Wisconsin. [24] In January 2016 Shire PLC agreed to acquire Baxalta for $32 billion. NUMETA G13%E is the only licensed triple-chamber, ready-to-use parenteral (intravenous) nutrition (PN) product available to treat preterm infants (less than 37 weeks gestation age) who are at high risk for infection and malnutrition in the early hours and days of their lives. Our Story. The company initiated a voluntary recall, temporarily suspended the manufacture of heparin, and launched an investigation. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is an ongoing journey. [13]:115, Baxter acquired medical device firm Baxa on November 10, 2011. Vernon Loucks became president and CEO in 1980. [22], In July 2014, Baxter announced that it was exiting the vaccines business—divesting its commercial vaccine portfolio to Pfizer (with the sale expected to close by the end of the year) and exploring options for its vaccines R&D program, including influenza. Nurturing a culture of innovation is critical to delivering on our mission to save and sustain lives. We are committed to doing business the right way, ensuring that we champion our employees, our communities, our customers and patients, and our environment in everything we do. Sales in 2013 were 42% in the United States, 30% in Europe, 16% in Asia Pacific, 12% in Latin America and Canada. When medical conditions prevent you from adequately feeding yourself, we work with your healthcare provider to help you regain or maintain your health, through life-saving clinical nutrition options. [26], In December 2019, the company announced it would acquire Seprafilm from Sanofi for $350 million. FLOSEAL is an adjunct haemostatic agent proven effective in a wide-range of bleeding scenarios with a proprietary combination of two independent haemostatic agents. Innovative therapies that treat life-threatening conditions when every second counts, Advanced infusion systems, medicines and technologies to help ensure the right treatment is delivered safely and efficiently to the patient, from the prescription to the bedside, Clinical nutrition solutions formulated to help patients maintain or regain their health, Pioneering therapy options for people with kidney disease, including peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis.

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