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The Hall of Famer’s dominance in 1933 was evident during this sparsely attended June 8 game against the New York Yankees. “The inner neck collar is our way of paying homage to our hometown, touching upon the City of Buffalo's official crest. All Rights Reserved. • In case you missed it last week, Brooklyn Branches T-shirts are now available in home white, road grey, and green and brown alternates. Sabres goaltender Linus Ullmark has already revealed his new gear for the 2020-21 season featuring the new colour scheme. I never minded the Sabres in navy, but the royal just pops. All in all a very nice job! The Red Wings’ insignia is close, if you read the tire as standing for Detroit. Classic-looking logo, and I liked the “BUFFALO” across the bottom. The differences are almost negligible, and only uni watchers will probably notice (or care), but our pal Chris Creamer over at SportsLogos has detailed the discrepancies. The away uniform features royal blue shoulders piped with gold, and a large gold stripe between two slightly smaller blue stripes on each sleeve and at the bottom of the jersey. I love that the mock-up for the Cincinnati Romans included a sideline cape! I love that they have multiple shades of blue on the same uniform. Here he is shown crossing home plate in the fifth inning of the contest, greeted by teammate, catcher Mickey Cochrane. Compared to the black-and-red era, the Buffaslug was a breath of fresh air and a tasteful, classy uniform set. The team had some of their best seasons in royal blue and hope to replicate that success again under their new identity. … Also from Ed: New home shirt and kit manufacturer for Pogoń Szczecin. Thanks, Graig! I prefer my Blues in royal blue and yellow, and Sabers in navy and yellow. Is there another team that uses both the city name and team name in a logo/uniform? The royal blue home uniform features three gold stripes with inner white piping on each sleeve and at the bottom of the jersey. It gives the Buffalo a sort of lifelikeness, and I love that about it. This marked the return of the team’s original royal blue, gold, and white colour scheme previously worn by the team for more than two decades. BTW, Bills should go back to red helmets too. All market data delayed 20 minutes. The silver piping has been phased out from the previous uniform and has been replaced with white for a more classic look. All rights reserved. Welcome to NHL.com, the official site of the National Hockey League, Bienvenue à LNH.com , le site officiel de la Ligue nationale de hockey, Добро пожаловать на NHL.com, официальный сайт Национальной хоккейной лиги, Tervetuloa NHL:n viralliselle nettisivustolle NHL.comiin, Välkommen till NHL.com, NHL:s officiella web-sida, Vítejte na NHL.com, oficiálních stránkách National Hockey League, Vitajte na NHL.com, oficiálnych stránkach National Hockey League, Willkommen auf NHL.com, der offiziellen Seite der National Hockey League, Bienvenido a NHL.com, el sitio oficial de la National Hockey League, What's old is new again in Buffalo with the Sabres' "Return to Royal.". It had its place. Being back-to-back picks, Jack Quinn and Marco Rossi will always be mentioned in the same breath. ‘The Beast’ was no slouch the year after, winning his second consecutive MVP award, as well as the coveted Triple Crown, leading the league with a .356 batting average, 163 RBIs, and 48 homeruns. The result gives a perfect balance of royal blue, gold, and white. True. I actually like that the Blues have multiple blues. All rights reserved. After a long wait, the Buffalo Sabres will finally reveal their new royal blue and gold uniforms tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. EST. First season: 1970-71 Home arena: KeyBank Center. Size: 50″ x 38″, In the late 1920s and 1930s, the general consensus around baseball was that Jimmie Foxx of the Philadelphia A’s was the right-handed Babe Ruth. Buffalo Sabres Return to Royal, Unveil New Logo and Uniforms Tuesday, August 11, 2020 Tuesday, August 11, 2020 4 min read Chris Creamer This morning, the squeaky wheel got its grease. In the past, I don’t know if I’ve ever completely stumped you (some are easier than others). Fans are encouraged to wear royal blue clothing and team memorabilia to celebrate the team’s return to their original colours and will have a chance at winning a jersey of their own when they post on social media using the hashtag #ReturnToRoyal. But I never had a problem with the slug itself. … Reader Nicklaus Wallmeyer found a Steelers figurine with a Packers nose bumper. They should have never changed them in the first place. https://imsdotcom.azureedge.net/-/media/IMS/article-images/2012/12/20/00/00/borg-returns-to-ims-museum-with-franchittis-new-face.jpg?mw=1200&vs=1&d=20141007T202815Z. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Lovin' the new look See more photos: https://t.co/8NSC5AfGRe pic.twitter.com/6Lcu49IESh. By Tom Pepper August 10th, 2020, After a long wait, the Buffalo Sabres will finally reveal their new royal blue and gold uniforms tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. EST. The team explained the jerseys and crest in their announcement. If I was commish I would fund a program for fans who falsely believe the Bruins and Penguins are black and gold and educate them that it is called yellow. Oct. 14, 1973. The Buffalo Sabres announced upcoming changes on Thursday. Details added to the 50th season jersey crest, such as the notable stitching pattern in the buffalo, were carried over to the new uniform. It is still unknown whether or not the team will keep their popular gold and white 50th anniversary uniforms as an alternate. On Tuesday morning, the Buffalo Sabres officially released their new royal blue uniforms set to debut for the 2020-21 season. The team revealed its uniforms for the 2020-21 season on Tuesday and they're a throwback to the royal blue, gold and white of the original set with some modern updates. My one complaint is the addition of the new white piping on the royal jersey/socks. Title: “The Beast Bangs Gomez, Yanks” The red third jersey was nice. Please see Vegas Golden Knights/New Orleans Saints for gold,..this is a recording. I’m generally of the opinion that teams should not adopt the exact same colors as others, or else they look to similar, especially if they are applied so similarly in uniform design. Tweet from @BuffaloSabres: Lovin' the new look See more photos: https://t.co/8NSC5AfGRe pic.twitter.com/6Lcu49IESh. Stanley Cups won: 0 Stanley Cup Final appearances: 2. Really not a great design overall IMO. The Sabres got their nickname in a name-the-team contest. I’ve always loved how teams from Buffalo have two big elements to play with in their logo and uniform design – both the city name and the team name. And while I don’t think it looks as good as red and black, the Devils should go back to their original red and green. Phil’s review and analysis are very well done. GTGFTS: Oct. 14, 1973 – World Series Game 2, https://www.retrosheet.org/boxesetc/1973/B10140OAK1973.htm. Tweet from @martybiron43: New Profile Pic!! A 42 year old Willie Mays had two RBI. Meanwhile, let’s hear it for Phil for his coverage today! Between Seattle, Ottawa, and now Buffalo, has any league had a run of three consecutive new uniforms of such quality? The team basically returned to this look for the 2008 Winter Classic: In 2006-07, the team wore a royal alternate: In 2010, for the 40th Anniversary, the team broke out a royal blue alternate (which they wore several more times into the 2012 season): And for the 2018 Winter Classic, the team again sported a royal-based uniform with many elements from the original, but with some striping differences: As I like to say, there are some teams that “got it right the first time” in terms of their uniforms, and the Sabres were definitely one of those clubs. Plenty enough difference. The Bills and Sabres have made good use of both. No disrespect to Phil, but I really wish we could get a full review from Paul on the Sabres new uniforms. The Zamboni word mark and configuration of the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine are registered trademarks of Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc.© Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc. 2019. I probably don’t comment enough around here for anyone to notice, but I am a huge fan of white. You’re welcome to send me any scoreboard photos (with answers please), and I’ll keep running them. Do the Pens keep so Pgh can continue to be sartorially matching, or do the Bruins keep it because they were first? The Flames shouldn’t have black to begin with, just red and yellow. The fans have been clamoring for a return to the royal and gold color scheme basically since the team abandoned it (and suffered through a series of bad-to-awful uniform sets in the years since). Our goal throughout this process has been to create a timeless uniform system that respects team heritage and looks boldly towards the future as well. We will most likely have to wait until December to see them in action when the NHL plans on returning for their 2020-21 season. As for the white stripes on the blue uniform, although it struck me as a little odd, I also feel that they work nicely with the textured white of the crest. You can (and should!) Football News: The Patriots released photos of players in the team’s new uniforms, and there are a few number font inconsistencies (from many readers). The Sabres made the announcement with a sharp hype video featuring captain Jack Eichel, defenseman Rasmus Dahlin and forward Kyle Okposo modeling the home and away uniforms. … Reader Kevin Cearfoss made a 3-D wall art rendition of the Astros logo. … One more from Ed: New shirt for Zagłębie Lubin. Bad, bad, bad. So I’m super happy that they did exactly that. Buffalo Sabres. “Is there another team that uses both the city name and team name in a logo/uniform?”.

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