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It is covered through public funding. My run in with a golf course ball bandit. 2020: Bernie Sanders on democratic socialism and Cardi B, Don’t Dismiss Georgia Voter Suppression, Demand Better, Red State Voters Are Sick of Senate GOP Recklessness, Ethan Winter, Charlotte Swasey, Lucy Solomon, Taking on Big Pharma Can Help Biden Win a Landslide, Republicans Enabled Trump; Now the Voters Are Coming. And the next year down to 45 and the next year, down to 35–. Well, I think it’s a multi-pronged approach.

Like this is going to be a huge price tag to move the healthcare over–I mean in taxes, right? They’re fleeing poverty. We make public colleges and universities tuition free. They have the right to gain control over the Senate floor and talk, but they don’t have the right to stop progress in this country. You know, I live in the midwest. Because you know you talk about the Scandinavian countries all the time– some of the countries that have, you know, generous socialist programs also have more restrictive immigration policies.

So long as we have nation states in this world called the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, whatever it is, you know. That’s my view but I think and this is what the president and I talked about is, how do you continue that grassroots activism? End of discussion–that is what I fervently believe. So you can’t run away from that.

policy that speaks to the needs of the working class of this country, a working class that has been decimated for the last 45 years and they know they have been decimated. And you know what? This is my fear: anybody who thinks that Donald Trump, you the polls, the polls came out today and had me six points ahead of Trump.

Favreau: Do you think that we can win those voters back even with a lot of the positions that you all in the primary have proudly taken–like can you win those voters back by talking about decriminalizing border crossings, by talking about reparations for slavery. He lies all of the time he will use the power of government to help his campaign. Senate, not the case. You have filibuster and so forth. Favreau: So this is my next question.

The bad news is young people don’t vote at the kind of levels that they should be voting–now, they’re doing better and 2018 was good.

I thought your speech on Democratic socialism made one of the most compelling economic arguments I’ve heard in the race. Absolutely. Sanders: Absolutely. Alright.

How do you–do you pivot to an economic message? It has got to be pro-region working with all of the people, all of the countries in that area and it’s a similar position–and Hillary Clinton and I had a bit of a disagreement on this in 2016–Saudi Arabia is a vicious ugly dictatorship. It’s not just about raising the minimum wage to a living wage. Your kid can’t afford to go to college. We have you know, we’re looking at the problems in Venezuela right now. You do that. “They’ll open the borders–everybody in the world is going to come in–hundreds of millions of people are going to flee [40:00] to the United States.” Obviously that’s nonsense. Obviously, this man has no scruples at all. Your email address will not be published.

The son of a Polish immigrant–Polish Jewish immigrant. Yeah. How you do it, I can’t give you the script right now, but it has to be done. The current function of the health care system is not to provide quality care to all people.
It was the Democrats who lost the election. Sanders: I don’t take that all that seriously. Okay, the very good news for us is that two out of three young people are progressive. Sanders: You know Trump talks about throwing millions of people out of this country.

So you can talk about well, I want health care for all but if I have a large co-payment and a large deductible and I have to pay out of my own pocket, I may still not be able to get to a doctor. That’s my view but I think and this is what the president and I talked about is, how do you continue that grassroots activism? Sanders: I think it’s it’s what the establishment does. What did he–what advice did he give? I guess, I guess my view is, at least a lot of the Democratic politicians I’ve known and worked with are in it for the right reasons.
The way we win this election is grow the voter turnout, the basic Democratic base: that is the African-American community the Latino community, the trade Union community, the working-class community that is still voting Democrat. I have family in Israel. And then that are voting for Donald Trump. I’m not in Los Angeles and I’m not New York City. And all we are trying to do over a four-year period and people say “Bernie, it shouldn’t take four years.” Here it is. Do you think that we can win those voters back even with a lot of the positions that you all in the primary have proudly taken–like can you win those voters back by talking about decriminalizing border crossings, by talking about reparations for slavery. They’re stuck in a very shitty campaign finance system where sometimes you have to raise money from wealthier people and they don’t like that, but they do it.

Sanders: And that’s something we have–I’m not suggesting that we did that alone. You don’t need to.

Number one: the goal is to provide health care to every man, woman, and child as a human right, not a privilege. It is–I think people’s faith in government is so shaken that it is–you know for reasons that we could talk about to–but I think it is hard for average people to look at a change this big and sort of embrace it. The song came under a bunch of scrutiny becasue of the lyrics, do you all think it was a bi... – Kuuntele Cardi B ft Meg Thee Stallion - W.A.P. If you are somebody in Michigan, in Iowa, Pennsylvania, your job went to China, you’re making 12 bucks an hour, your standard of living is lower maybe than it was 20 years ago, your kid is still living in the house because your kid can’t go and get a decent paying job.

I am Jewish. Just take a look at a country like say Norway. And I, as president of the United States will sit down in a room with the leadership of Saudi Arabia, with the leadership of Iran, with the leadership of the Palestinians, with the leadership of Israel and hammer out some damn agreements which will try to end the conflicts that exist there. They got 19 million people into the program in one year. [laughing] It was close. But if you have a president who talks about justice who is rallying the American people, some of these Republicans who today are too afraid to stand up may start coming forward–can’t guarantee it–but they may so I think we move toward comprehensive immigration reform. And then he tried to throw 32 million people off the health care that they had. I support that. Why do we allow the fossil fuel industry to make billions a year while they destroy the planet?

What the Republicans will say: “Bernie Sanders wants to raise your taxes.” What they forget to tell you is you’re not going to do any more out-of-pocket expenses for health care.

So let me be clear.

He says something crazy racist, you’ve got to respond because it’s wrong not to respond, and now the news cycle is about Trump. The other thing that we need to do and I think, you know, people disagree with me on this but I think there is a part of the Trump constituency, a part that can be won over–that is not racist or sexist or homophobic or xenophobic. How’s that for an answer?

I agree with what you said. He can be reached at – Medicare For All Isn’t That Popular — Even Among Democrats, – Bernie Sanders Imagines a Progressive New Approach to Foreign Policy, – It’s Foreign Policy That Distinguishes Bernie This Time, : “Bernie Sanders’s 2020 presidential campaign and policy positions, explained.”, – The Overlooked Difference Between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, “Bernie Sanders defends unionized staffers’ salaries amid clash with campaign over guarantee of $15 an hour”, “Warren pulls closer to Sanders in progressive straw poll.”, : “Bernie Sanders might be losing his N.H. firewall”, “BERNIE SANDERS BACKS SCRAPPING ELECTORAL COLLEGE AFTER NEW ANALYSIS FINDS ENTRENCHED ADVANTAGE FOR TRUMP IN 2020”, “Wealth Tax and Free College Get Poll Support.

Now when when we talk about health insurance, you and I know that there are whole lot of people out there who do have health insurance, but they have huge deductibles and co-payments and they can’t afford their premiums and we are spending about twice as much per person on health care as the people of any other country.

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