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It serves as a lesson, and reminds the candidate to make all things a learning experience. Water is one of the four elements essential to the ancient mysteries, and is also an emblem of purity, or cleansing. THEN SIGN YOUR NAME, IN FULL, TO EACH OF THEM. Mercury is a symbol of the emergence of the darkness of ignorance and fear. It is not just for the external preparation of the candidate, to put on the required garments, but for the internal mental preparation of the candidate. WHILE THE WORLD IS SHUT OUT, MEDITATE UPON THESE THINGS, AND PREPARE YOUR HEART FOR THE SOLEMN CEREMONIES THROUGH WHICH YOU WILL BE CALLED TO PASS. Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). ( Log Out /  As previously mentioned, the alchemist’s goal was to change base metals into gold, and the acronym vitriol was the recipe that would ultimately produce such a transformation. It is just in isolation that we can profoundly ponder our present or future endeavors, and obscurity, dimness, or singularity, is ever an image of death. Notice of Election(s) to be Held on September 12, 2017. Because of the Anti-Masonic movement, Freemasonry was forced to adapt and change. Somewhere in the transition towards a modern American society, the true intent of the chamber of reflection vanished into the mist of antiquity. In the fifth centennial emerged, the name of the science, alchemia, al being added to chemia, a Greek word utilized in Diocletian’s declaration against Egyptian works treating of the transmutation of metals; the word appears to be basically to signify “the Egyptian Art,” or the place where there is dark earth being the Egyptian name for Egypt, and Julius FirmicusMaternus, in a work On the Influence of the Stars upon the Fate of Man, utilizes the expression sciential chemiae. However, the symbolism of the Chamber originates from Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, and other mysterious customs. 11, Mercury may appear in the chamber of reflection as the element itself, or it may be symbolically represented as a rooster or cockerel, either painted or as a ceramic figurine. The more esoteric traditions retreated from the craft lodge into the higher invitational bodies, while the rites and traditions of the craft lodge rituals were diluted or completely abandoned, like that of the chamber of reflection.19, According to Masonic researchers and authors S. Brent Morris and Arturo de Hoyos in their book Committed to the Flames, in 1826, after the Morgan Affair, Robert Benjamin Folger filled a book with the enciphered craft rituals of a secret Masonic Rite. None of the emblems should ever be used to frighten, haze, tease, or humiliate the candidate in any way. To begin the ultimate goal of an alchemist was to turn a crude and superfluous metal into aprosperous and valuable metal such as transforming lead into gold. However, thanks to author Dan Brown and his best-selling thriller The Lost Symbol, it has become a growing trend in many American Masonic lodges. For the context of this paper, the most common items as listed in the rituals of the French and Scottish Rite will be referenced. 5 Cliff Porter, The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry (Colorado Springs: Starr Publishing, 2011), 128-170; Andrew Hammer, Observing the Craft ( Mindhive Books, 2010), 101-102. Required fields are marked *, Signup to be the first to hear about exclusive deals, special offers and upcoming collections.

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