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With SmartThings, your ADT Security Hub can then send an alert to your smartphone, automate connected devices, or initiate optional ADT Professional Monitoring Services (additional fees apply). Go here for a step-by-step walkthrough on managing User codes. after a few hours of playing around. The hub of this new security system is the Samsung SmartThings ADT Panel. Screen Timeout is the time that it takes for the Panel's screen to go blank after using it. If you have any difficulties setting up your ADT Security Hub, please contact SmartThings Support. Get help with your ADT Home Security System, ADT will monitor your home 24/7 for intrusions and panic alerts, ADT will contact you immediately if an intrusion is detected or a panic alert is initiated in your home, ADT can also alert emergency services if your home or family are in danger, Available for less than $1 a day with no long-term contracts, Requires an ADT Security Hub and an ADT Door and Window Detector, ADT Motion Detector, or ADT Keychain Remote. Ensure that nothing is obstructing the detector's view or could possibly cause a false alarm, such as: To adjust the angle of the detector, use a screwdriver on the arm of the wall mount bracket. All we need is some hardware and software…. troubleshooting for awhile) even through 2 connections are related I don’t mind helping out with your code / working with you to get things working. Ill await for a reply just in case someone has been able to integrate these two systems. AD2pi module []. Those two things you mentioned I can do / and do, do pretty easily with my configuration (which is very different). I have the Adt Smarthings panel and have tried to reset devices, unplugged the panel (battery also), reboot hub from the samsung IDE. A member of our SmartThings Support staff will respond as soon as possible. Here, you will be able to change the Master User code, add Guest codes, and change or delete codes. It turns out I didn’t buy their ‘plus’ version so I can’t add anything yet and am trying to figure out if it’s worth it. I've seen several threads where users were setting up computers to route the data into smartthings. Now other have reported getting all of this done however with my limited coding experience I have been unable to get these features to work. You can create up to 98 unique User Codes, allowing different people to arm and disarm your system. Also please follow all safety I tested on my device with no problems. Please read and If protected doors and windows are open when arming the system, you will be prompted to Bypass these devices, which will prevent them from activating the alarm siren, notifying ADT, or sending an alert to your phone. A number of jurisdictions have adopted false alarm ordinances and permitting as a way to reduce false alarms. DCS --> RS-232 --> Ardiuno --> Shield but the concept should all be the same. Under the Wireless menu, you have the ability to see the status of your Wi-Fi network, or change the network that your Panel and Hub are connected to. I just pushed some new code to my github site that will give you the ability to set the device address for the AD2Pi. See how ADT and SmartThings can help make your home secure and smart. door, run in front of a motion sensor, etc.) To view the history of your ADT Security Hub: Yes, the ADT Security Hub has a battery backup. This article will tell you how to enable the SmartThings ADT Skill for Amazon Alexa, which can be used to arm and disarm your ADT Security Hub with Alexa voice commands. Console Test will give you options to test functions of the Panel, to ensure that it's functioning properly. I was about halfway through my project when you published your code, which was helpful to finish my project. If you want official support, the answer is no. One thing that I have never understood (and that shows how ignorant I still am with Smartthings apps) is where the code runs - does something need to run on the Smartthings hub? if each individual door was an individual sensor within the You can also remove a device if you need to replace it or switch it to a new location. Prepare yourself for any unexpected disasters. your arduino card. Use the Emergency button to manually notify ADT of a panic, fire, or emergency event (requires the optional ADT professional monitoring service). Touch more options () Tap Security settings. Do you guy have any ideas? Check out Home Security Monitoring with the ADT Security Hub to learn more. No it is both ways, I just got the arm/disarm working last night. The 7-inch touchscreen panel works as the main interface for products in the kits, but also functions as a SmartThings hub. Connect the AD2pi serial ports to your Arduino card (as My ADT Pulse system has wired sensors, so I’m not certain there isn’t a problem, but it may be like connecting to your WiFi network when your neighborhood uses the same frequency. motion sensors, etc. This is completely optional but is what allows you to memic individual devices for each sensor in the home. I believe I did see random communication on the system. The Alarmdecoder webapp (running on my Raspberry Pi) is working great, and from any computer connected to my LAN, I can open up the Alarmdecoder webapp in a browser and see/control my alarm system. Next, follow the steps above in “How to connect the ADT Motion Detector to the ADT Security Hub.” After scanning the QR code, the ADT Security Hub should discover your device within a couple of minutes. Enter a unique code for the new user and then select Next. There are various types of sensors throughout the house. All of this stuff worked great…and I became addicted to having a “smart house”. You can also use the supplied mounting tape if you do not want to use the wall bracket. Additionally, the ADT Keychain Remote can be configured to arm and disarm the security system when leaving and returning back home. I did wire my system hot (so it Use the Home button to wake your ADT Security Hub from sleep mode or to return to the Home screen. ghost device types. Connect wired alarm system door, window and motion sensors to SmartThings, Home Assistant, Hubitat and OpenHAB with Konnected. understand your ADT panel wiring. I apologize to anyone digging through the mess trying to customize it for their own use! It works fine with a delay however I can still not use an arming event as a trigger (I can not turn on lights for instance if the alarm is disarmed between 7pm and 10pm at night). I’m not 100%, but I’m pretty sure the answer is Yes. that aren’t related to the alarm system so I can purchase z-wave products that ADT doesn’t support. open a Yes. Do you need to have the ADT pulse service or not required at all? Or the more older, traditional style panel? I can’t see how to get it into pairing mode to sync up. ADT professional monitoring services may not be available in all areas and may require permitting or additional service fees, Enter a new Master User Code and then select, Enter the new Master User Code again as confirmation and then select, Press the Home button (the round button with the square icon) to return to the Home screen, Enter a name for the new user and then select, Enter a unique code for the new user and then select, Enter the unique code again as confirmation and then select, Press the Home button to return to the Home screen, Touch the edit icon (pencil image) next to a user, Scroll down and touch the plus icon next to, Select the days of the week and times of the day when you want the User Code to be valid, Touch the check icon to confirm the schedule when complete, Unplug your ADT Security Hub Panel and disconnect the Panel's battery. Your ADT Security Hub will notify ADT and an operator will respond according to the terms of your monitoring service. Take the ADT Motion Detector to where you intend to mount it after setup. The ADT Security Hub acts as the brain of your smart home and the base of your home security system, with optional professional monitoring services. I have one question, though - I have a Vista 20HWSE, and all panels need to be configured to use Address 31. above. We have an ADT system with Pulse that is no longer monitored, saving us a ton of money. @griswold - I promise I’m not ignoring you. More here, though Raspberry Pi focused: Now you can use the present from the connect app with a bit more flexiability., Arduino Mega Pinout: Kindly ask your Wife (or Husband) to go shopping. Quick (2 second answer) - I think you’ll have to go through a arduino card / SmartShield. By default, each User Code is valid at any time of the day and on any day of the week. This will ensure you do not accidentally call the police when you Select ADT, touch ADT Security Devices, and then ADT Motion Detector. However, since I use the app to trigger individual deviceTypes there is a lag while the application triggers the event. Call ADT and ask them to ignore all alarms for the next X hours. Note: permits are only needed for professionally monitored systems, self-monitored systems can function without permits. I completely gave up on making it work with Smartthings. @craig: I may go ahead and buy the Arduino Shield and the Arduino Mega cards and replicate your setup. When the ADT Security Hub is first powered on, it should present a Welcome screen. Would I have to do anything to the ADT alarm so there isn’t conflict? I believe this is due to ensuring shared ground I am new to ADT Pulse and wanted to clarify what my understanding is. as an FYI - I’m out of the country until 1st week of Sept so I will most likely not answer anything until then. If you're moving to a new home, you will need to unplug the ADT Security Hub and update both your SmartThings Geofence location and your address on file with ADT's monitoring subscription service. what I was trying to accomplish. configured in your Arduino program). I personally thought this approach was expensive and … Emergency button is the button on the ADT Security Hub panel with the plus (+) icon. Mega is required because both the AD2pi and Smartthings shield require serial ports and the UNO only has one serial port. For more detailed steps to add your ADT Security Hub, view this guide. Smartthings environment. Where can I find the Activation Code for my ADT Security Hub? Per the AD site, only the 3.3V, GND, Rx and Tx are needed from the Arduino side of things. Under the Screen menu, you will be able to change the Panel's brightness, change the Screen Timeout, and enable Clean Mode. (and you will) set off the alarm. On this screen you can set the following: After you have set the details for the location of the device, tap, Remove the cover by pressing on the bottom of the detector, Remove the old battery and insert a new CR123A battery. I am seriously thinking about dumping ADT now that I have Smarthing hub v2, still trying to figure out the best ADT alarm and Smarthings automation integration. I went down the path of building an Arduino card integration. My ADT system is still active and monitored,I’m guessing this wouldn’t lead to any problems with ADT. Do you know if Smartthings hub (latest version) is compatible and can control an ADT Pulse alarm system? Although not instant it happens as fast as any other app event change. Hi @craig , I’m not sure I’d call it a “panel” though. It has a 24-hour life span and is not intended for long-term use. I the tiles I only see zones - wondered if you had any ADT motion sensors connected and whether they would work as well?

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