continental league football

However, it was able to get ABC to broadcast the championship game on the Wide World of Sports; ABC paid the league $500 for the rights to the game.[2]. With Barker out the next week, SHR absolutely demolished the Storm allowing just 29 rushing yards and sacking QB Sasser a whopping 9 times. Shwiner only now getting significant use is a mystery but he's already up there with WR Dole, Von Wyss, and Spradling in yards per catch. The receiving corps shakeups might have something to do with that: WR Johnstone was traded and WR Shaw went from their most reliable wideout in 2058 to someone who barely sees the field. One of the brightest stars in football really could be on their way out. I guess I'll start with DVY who choked away a 13-0 lead and scored 0 points in the second half against a mediocre ATL squad. "Happy" Chandler, former Kentucky governor and senator and retired Major League Baseball commissioner, was named CFL commissioner on March 17, 1965. In any event, small crowds (only 29,500 combined for four games, including 12,000 for an exhibition contest) caused the franchise to become a league-operated "road club" in October; one home game against Hartford was moved to Connecticut, and their final "home" contest was shifted to Memorial Stadium in Mount Vernon, New York.[5]. KCY dropped the ball in our one loss ATS. Don was inducted into the American Football Association's Semi Pro Hall of Fame in 1983. Through two weeks they're -3 in TOs though, and I think the home team covers this week 27-17. August 30, 2014 at 1:11 am Pressure metrics have taken a dip without DE Johnstone but DE Anagnostis still leads the league with 5 sacks and they're still one of the most fearsomely talented units. RB McWhorter and the defense were as much a part of the Kodiaks' last two wins as Marischen and I think it signals a real shift in the league. Tucson's got the evil mojo man. Continental Football League memorabilia is rare, but it’s also pretty obscure and there’s only a small number of hardcore football collectors or local Seattle sports fanatics who would might be in search of such an item. Despite not picking up many wins, the team's 7.69 YPA through the air is impressive and can easily get out of hand if unchecked.On the other end of the spectrum are the boys from SCU where ground and pound is the name of the game. Of course, the NFL is much harder but I digress...DUR and HAR turned into the snoozefest I was expecting... and SAN's offensive woes continue. BOS completely abandoned the run against DVY and they may have to do the same against DET's run defense.Anyway, 5/6 on the season so far so good! RB Mueller should also enjoy success against a historically porous front. The only reason anyone would watch this game is to see WR Nikolaus but he's not likely to play due to injury.

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