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Our entire goal is to help you become a professional engineering at whatever stage your are in. Take it whenever you feel like you are ready. The exact topics on the exam and the breakdown of how many problems in each topic can be found on the NCEES website under their, Once you start the afternoon portion of the exam you cannot go back thru the morning questions.

You're college will probably know the closest location, but if you aren't sure then go to.

The FE Reference Manual is a PDF that is searchable. There are a few options to register for a Testmasters FE-CBT course. PrepFE provides hundreds of questions in proportional amounts to the official exam. Welcome to PrepFE, the leading online service for FE exam prep.

It includes an estimate of the number of questions you will see on the official exam for each category. It might be good to have a snack and water during your break. Plan accordingly. For the prior categories and topics that were discontinued at the end of June, 2020, please see the categories here. You'll have to register for the Civil FE Exam.

For practice problems, I solely used the FE Practice book by Michael Lindeburg and found it to have questions of higher difficulty than what was on the exam (Speaking for the Mechanical). You'll have a timer so just keep an eye on it when working problems. FE exam results are typically available 7–10 days after you take the exam. You have to bring the necessary ID when checking in for the exam. We've covered the specification changes in this blog post. Testmasters has outstanding course materials. Statistics (e.g., distributions, mean, mode, standard deviation, confidence interval, regression and curve fitting), Codes of ethics (professional and technical societies), Time value of money (e.g., equivalence, present worth, equivalent annual worth, future worth, rate of return), Cost (e.g., fixed, variable, direct and indirect labor, incremental, average, sunk), Analyses (e.g., break-even, benefit-cost, life cycle, sustainability, renewable energy), Uncertainty (e.g., expected value and risk), Kinematics (e.g., particles, rigid bodies), Force acceleration (e.g., particles, rigid bodies), Work, energy, and power (e.g., particles, rigid bodies), Stresses and strains (e.g., diagrams, axial, torsion, bending, shear, thermal), Deformations (e.g., axial, torsion, bending, thermal), Combined stresses, principal stresses, and Mohr's circle, Test methods and specifications of metals, concrete, aggregates, asphalt, and wood, Physical and mechanical properties of metals, concrete, aggregates, asphalt, and wood, Coordinate systems (e.g., state plane, latitude/longitude), Leveling (e.g., differential, elevations, percent grades), Basic hydrology (e.g., infiltration, rainfall, runoff, watersheds), Basic hydraulics (e.g., Manning equation, Bernoulli theorem, open-channel flow), Flood control (e.g., dams, routing, spillways), Stormwater (e.g., detention, routing, quality), Collection systems (e.g., wastewater, stormwater), Groundwater (e.g., flow, wells, drawdown), Water quality (e.g., ground and surface, basic water chemistry), Testing and standards (e.g., water, wastewater, air, noise), Water and wastewater treatment (e.g., biological processes, softening, drinking water treatment), Analysis of statically determinant beams, columns, trusses, and frames, Deflection of statically determinant beams, trusses, and frames, Column analysis (e.g., buckling, boundary conditions), Structural determinacy and stability analysis of beams, trusses, and frames, Elementary statically indeterminate structures, Loads, load combinations, and load paths (e.g., dead, live, lateral, influence lines and moving loads, tributary areas), Design of steel components (e.g., codes and design philosophies, beams, columns, tension members, connections), Design of reinforced concrete components (e.g., codes and design philosophies, beams, columns), Index properties and soil classifications, Stability of retaining structures (e.g., active/passive/at-rest pressure), Foundation types (e.g., spread footings, deep foundations, wall footings, mats), Consolidation and differential settlement, Slope stability (e.g., fills, embankments, cuts, dams), Soil stabilization (e.g., chemical additives, geosynthetics), Geometric design (e.g., streets, highways, intersections), Pavement system design (e.g., thickness, subgrade, drainage, rehabilitation), Transportation planning (e.g., travel forecast modeling, safety, trip generation), Project administration (e.g., documents, management, procurement, project delivery methods), Construction operations and methods (e.g., safety, equipment, productivity analysis, temporary erosion control), Project controls (e.g., earned value, scheduling, allocation of resources, activity relationships), Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. All Rights Reserved. Having said that, let's get to the good stuff by knocking out some things you should know about the FE. Let me know what you think!. Read more about the Testmasters FE-CBT course and guarantee. The Testmasters FE-CBT Civil Exam Test Prep Course is designed for students who have been out of school for a while. You can register online at our website or you can print out the registration form, fill it out and fax or mail it to our office. The Testmasters course is focused only on the exam and helping students pass. The exam costs $225 and it's non-refundable so be committed!

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