giving feedback to teachers after observation

Feedback is effective if it contributes to the growth of your teachers and the growth of student achievement.

Below are three things an observer might say in order to get a trainee to realise that there were problems with boardwork in the lesson and to find ways to improve it. This helps the teacher refer to the lesson plan and assess how well it worked. She was the 2017 NASSP Colorado Assistant Principal of the Year. But through my “unobservables” method, I can provide valuable feedback on the instructional strategies used, lesson sequence, and student discussions that occurred that may alleviate some of these student difficulties when they do occur.

For example, a trainee teacher may be asked to observe a lesson and have little or no further contact with the more experienced teacher. �"�3f��� �s^~ƅ�3�Q$����6IW*�rGa� �^9����C��d��?�6VC����d,����_���>�C�,"�OϤ��a��K���O��5r����r���AŸ^����zj��꺪�����n�A_W1�RS�_z8���H�Hr�A@A#k&�Jc,�m����{�X�W�G�.Dԇ�wr�?`'H�>�%i��(��}�_��w:������ٴ'b�fp��ѩ�$�dHD�Ȍf�b�`���3��%�L:a\`Pz���H�����-i>$���w'C�~�B��_��,%6�m���g���� �PQy4��P!t��f�jM����d

This suggests that the trainer may be doing much of the talking, but in fact much of the reflection and feedback can come through astute questioning.

Whether feedback follows on straight after the lesson or perhaps some time later will depend on a number of issues. During these PLT meetings, I gain insight and provide feedback for teachers on the following benchmarks that may otherwise be unobservable: PLT meetings highlight the concepts students are struggling with and the instructional strategies the PLT will use to help students learn. I think that’s also a good way to show what to focus on. One of the ways I like to provide meaningful feedback to teachers is by observing the “unobservables” outside of the classroom. For example: Writing on the board like this works well with more than one teacher as it brings together feedback for the whole lesson without singling out an individual. First, many States use observation rubrics that are cumbersome in length and/or lack specificity. Always keep a clear focus in mind. For many observations, feedback afterwards is not necessarily planned. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. �$�]��]��DcJ�r2;�@��H��e�s�s����|N� �d�:��J��r��8�p�a�q]5���*:H2-�dW���V)g�B��1�[X��*I��tU '�cUw�%P-�Ƀ��IA�x.��^���ZoW�4�eG��3�g� U

For example, try saying: “What do you think you could do to tackle the problem of…” rather than “What you need to do is…”! This is the last post in this series. After Mr. Brown conducted an observation, it is critical to give both himself and Ms. Smith a day or two to debrief. SET GOALS Use your Insight report to evaluate your current observation and feedback practices and set realistic, Conducting Staff Evaluations and Delivering Feedback.

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They have direct, specific results that show that their assessment, planning, and delivery are working—the true goal of any teacher. In 3, the comment is aimed at a much more experienced teacher.

It may be that the practicalities of timetabling may dictate when it happens.

I share this information with the teacher after my observation, arming him or her with insights about what worked and why for their next PLT planning session. The observer assumes the teacher has greater selfawareness and is capable of reflecting on their own strengths and weaknesses. The observer’s role at this stage is to inform and take a ‘one-way-works’ strategy; in other words, there may be different ways in which to approach the problem, but at this stage of the training the new teacher can often only cope with the idea that there is one solution to apply to a similar situation next time.

So, to get the most out of observation feedback, you should always be looking for better ways to give it, whether formally or informally. �o��f-H�C�O����f^��f��g�x|�����"�a{|@�@�j����,���� ΧQ?�kգ=��w8.��2b'g!x�3�4�?�̲y�4�)�Zv����.7�1�(�^u��,QX�ej�4 ��:�P���ᵌ��d^յו�B�⠗powybQu�q,��WB#����\x=SȊ�F��m���lfvr�F�$�&�z�n�����K�f��G�8�9?�e hd_��� k��� �ڬ?ivv��秴Q3:$O�6w�� �� Om�2 ��I�����k��٠|+y^��Ղ4�sV@�2/|Nsyg�ot���WF�*��`Ⱦ˛&X�Z�`��eR�]w{�N����&wM|�����d���2�V�J������IT�shF����8���"/��f)����Y

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Only by continually discussing and breaking down what you both saw can you understand progression.

Giving feedback after a lesson observati .... Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing & Allied Health.

#� So, to get the most out of observation feedback, you should always be looking for better ways to give it, whether formally or informally. This can also be applied to a teachers’ professional development (PD), making it one of the most important aspects of PD. endobj

She has conducted training sessions for all of the PLT leaders in her building and believes that the PLT model helps teachers grow and improve professionally. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), National Association of Secondary School Principals, How to Provide Meaningful Teacher Feedback by Observing the “Unobservables”, Student Voice and Choice Through Personalized Learning Time, Richard Gordon Is NASSP’s 2021 National Principal of the Year, 5 Keys to Developing a Future-Driven School, In 2020, We Are All First-Year Principals, Plans lessons that incorporate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, Evaluates and documents student performance based on multiple measures to set learning goals, Determines the students’ current skill levels and uses that information to plan instruction, Initiates collaboration with colleagues to better understand and respond to student learning needs. Strategies for Enhancing the Impact of Post-Observation Feedback for Teachers. & Martinez, K. (2013 July). <> The observer begins the session by drawing two columns on the board, one with a plus and one a minus sign.

They appreciate that I know what they do to plan, and I know the challenges they are facing in supporting student learning. Top Tips and a phrase bank for providing effective feedback after observations.

Register to receive personalised research and resources by email, Giving feedback after a lesson observation, School of Education , Highfield , Southampton SO171BJ, /doi/pdf/10.1080/0968465950030202?needAccess=true, Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning.

endobj In comment 1, the observed teacher is inexperienced and possibly teaching for only the first or second time. It is easy for the observer, who has been sitting still and making notes, to be ready to start feedback, but the teacher has been hard at work for the whole lesson and may need time for a break and then time to reflect and gather their thoughts.

Even if the feedback has to start straight away, it’s worth allowing ten minutes for the teacher to take time out and think about the lesson. For example, a trainee teacher may be asked to observe a lesson and have little or no further contact with the more experienced teacher.

One way to facilitate this is for the teacher to consider and make notes on a form similar to one shown on page 61. Student teachers spend a large proportion of their ITT course teaching classes on their own. Info.

Tell me what you think about the lesson. What would you change next time. So it seems fitting that this final post looks at how feedback after the observation is approached. Just as we pitch our language at different levels to students of English, so, too, an observer needs to pitch the language of feedback at a level appropriate to the observed teacher’s stage of development. However, try to avoid insincere praise.

One of the easiest ways to begin feedback is to talk through the lesson in the order things happened.

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I often give the feedback that teachers need to be much more explicit about this. Here are 6 tips... 6 tips for improving observation feedback.

4 0 obj Did you feel like you motivated your colleague and inspired them to try, According to Professor John Hattie, receiving effective feedback is the factor that has the, This can also be applied to a teachers’ professional development (PD), making it one of.

Constructive feedback helps identify solutions for areas of weakness by looking at what can be improved rather than focusing on what went wrong. ��4�ʘ>u��tNC��y :qU��B�� Watch what you say For many observations, feedback afterwards is not necessarily planned. So it seems fitting that this final post looks at how feedback after the observation is approached. Strategies for Enhancing the Impact of Post-Observation Feedback for Teachers.

Observers often give written feedback – and possibly evaluative grades – after oral feedback, but it can be helpful for the observee to read and consider this feedback before opening it up for discussion.

In order to obtain valuable insights into how a teacher approaches lesson planning, evaluates student performance, and collaborates with colleagues, I routinely conduct observations during professional learning team (PLT) meetings. Then compare their assessment with your own. Suzanne Acheson is an assistant principal at Hinkley High School in Aurora, CO and has served in this role for six years.

Ϛ+x�,��Ĭr�����=����w�b�?�A�d�x�Ļ@� �CRiz1랂�C�c|w>���}�W@�pv�m�vK�(��EH��j�J�y.a'J���wC/��ADF�,����B�8��/��7��bpMƢ����e�g��葉�@�ƓBIo�� 0����?��'�=4ё��e��&���}B�_T�V��]� O0�Ud%e\�����^�l`�K�*��^Q�0m�������=w�u�XG���U�͈?> �� ��ҡ�h*G͒�7OH�|$�zv�j���C�y6�lso���C���^2�{u�7md.��������/Nbj��J�"0��o[�+!� ��G What is your observation cycle for giving effective feedback to teachers, and how does it help them grow? Give you and your colleague time to draw your own conclusions and then explore them together without cutting across one another. �����f#� >�skit`�3���mi��ld���\h

Capture your lesson

For more on the topic of observation and teacher training, my new book on the subject will soon be available and can be ordered in advance now by clicking here. If you've ever been on the receiving end of poor feedback then you'll know how unhelpful it is.

So it seems fitting that this final post looks at how feedback after the observation is approached. �`��8 nӄ�f�R�*���6�ꮓ�L5���:@���!���߲���Ġn��9SGH>��.��_=|6��FH]Y���>�:��M�3�'9�1i��i�)O�F��x�ȉ�;�T�� �7Lٺ����qp��r�5

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