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Other weapons the Goblin uses include incendiary Pumpkin Bombs, smoke- and gas-emitting grenades resembling ghosts and jack-'o'-lanterns, razor-edged boomerang-like throwing weapons called razor bats and gloves woven with micro-circuited filaments which channel pulsed discharges of electricity at nearly 10,000 volts.
"High Priority", Spider-Woman / Spider-Gwen / Ghost-Spider, Spider-Man / Spy-D / Kid Arachnid / Captain Universe, Green Goblin / Red Goblin / Goblin Childe, Jessica Drew / Peter Parker / Julia Carpenter / Parker Peters / Black Widow, An older Benjamin Parker additionally appears in, "Comic Book Legends Revealed #400 (Part 1)", "Comic Book Legends Revealed #400 (Part 1) | Comics Should Be Good @ CBR",, Articles about multiple fictional characters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes due to ingesting the Goblin Formula, Skilled in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, Uses goblin-themed weapons and a Goblin Glider which has a variety of offensive weapons as paraphernalia, This page was last edited on 9 October 2020, at 00:15. Anschließend offenbarte er dem verwirrten Peter seine eigene Geheimidentität (und damit auch dem Leser).

[23] After Norman is incapacitated by the Gathering of Five, the Goblin is left alone, and begins to degenerate due to no longer having access to the Goblin formula required to keep him stable.

Er kann es auch, wie schon oft … The pilot is attached to the glider via electromagnetic clasps on the wings of the glider. When not impaired by mental illness, Osborn is a cunning businessman, masterful strategist, and highly skilled in electronics, mechanics, engineering and chemistry. Später übernahm sein Sohn Harry die Identität des Grünen Kobolds, starb aber an einer neuen Version des „Kobold-Serums“, das ihn vergiftete.
Philip Benjamin "Phil" Urich is nephew of Ben Urich and the fourth character to use the Green Goblin alias. Osborn begann, Peter so lange zu manipulieren, bis Peter glaubte, er selbst sei der Klon und Ben sei der echte Peter Parker. Harold "Harry" Osborn is Norman Osborn's son and the second character who used the Green Goblin alias. Looking back, I doubt the Goblin's identity would have been revealed in Amazing #39 if Ditko had stayed on. Für waschechte, männliche Nerds gibt's College-Jacken, Hoodies, Shorts, Shirts und Hosen. Several other characters would take on the Green Goblin identity, and writer Roger Stern later introduced the Hobgoblin to replace the Green Goblin as Spider-Man's archenemy. bei den "Alben und Magazin-Hüllen M+"Comic-Boxen werden teilweise aufgebaut geliefert, so lässt sich der Transport vereinfachen, da die Boxen aufgebaut in der Regel kleiner sind, als im nicht aufgebauten Zustand. Der Klon aber lebte, nahm den Namen „Ben Reilly“ (Vorname von Peters Onkel und Tante Mays Geburtsname) an, lebte einige Zeit als Weltenbummler und kehrte anschließend nach New York zurück. As a fictional character, the Green Goblin has appeared in a number of media, from comic books to films and television series. Ever since his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #14, the Green Goblin has been one of the web-slinger's greatest foes in movies and comic books. [16], Years later, there was speculation that Hamilton was the Hobgoblin but this is disproved. The Green Goblin debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #14.

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