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As Eamonn spoke to the former soap star he asked: “Well my friend you have have been doing it for years and most people will know you from the movie Yesterday, but a lot of people will know you from being in EastEnders for nine, nearly 10 years there playing Masood in EastEnders.”. ​“I needed a bit of time just to reset, but it’s been a lot stranger than I could have ever anticipated,” the 29-year-old says from his London home. "[11] Both characters made their last appearances on 22 April 2016. [16] "A Digital Spy poll (2014) asked respondents to indicate their favourite Carter family member: Nancy was ranked fourth with 8.61% of the results; Mick was ranked first; Johnny, ranked second; Tina, third; and Linda, fifth. Zainab and Masood buy the local Indian restaurant, the Argee Bhajee, saying it is for Tamwar to run, but he does not want it. EastEnders refused to comment on whether the universities would be featured at the time, as Tamwar and Libby still had another year left at college "and it was too early to say whether the Oxford-Cambridge plot would continue. Featuring, Tamwar conducts a survey to find out what the stallholders think of him. Nancy is upset when her older brother Lee Carter (Danny-Boy Hatchard) attacks Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid), after he makes homophobic comments about Johnny, and fears his volatile behaviour after his service in the army. What is Jane Cox doing now? But the face that took EastEnders fans by surprise was the one known to them as loveable geek Tamwar Masood, played by Himesh Patel. For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. When Masood is found in an alleyway after being mugged, Tamwar is left to look after him. Mick and Linda worry about Nancy's health, and refuse to give her more shifts at The Queen Vic, so she applies for a job at another pub, The Rat. Emmerdale: What happened to Lisa Dingle? Their relationship blossoms and she takes an interest in his religion. In March 2017, Mick receives a phonecall from Tamwar revealing that Nancy has been critically injured after being struck by a car while backpacking in Bulgaria. EastEnders' Maddy Hill and Himesh Patel are leaving their roles as Nancy Carter and Tamwar Masood", Two new characters join Eastenders Asian family, Unrealistic’ Ferreira family dismissed by Asian viewers, Unrealistic’ EastEnder accuses BBC of discrimination, EastEnders hasn't got enough black and Asian actors, Coronation Street and EastEnders battle it out for coveted CRE Race In the Media Award, Special delivery: paperboy lands EastEnders post, "Himesh Patel (Tamwar Masood, 'EastEnders')", "EastEnders: Tamwar Masood in new online spin-off", "All I Want For Christmas: Red Button Special", Cambridge University wants to be on soaps, shed elitist image. At school, he experienced his first taste of acting when he was cast in a production of This Is Your Life Santa Claus – a play based on L. Frank Baum’s 1902 children’s book. However, when the new couple learn that Masood kidnapped Yusef and threatened him, this leads to Masood being banned from the couple's mehndi, causing a strain between Tamwar and his father. Her father, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), thanks her and compliments her to Mick, but Mick still refuses to talk to her. She does so, and Tamwar decides to go back to college, but then decides to take over Zainab's job in the local shop to help with the family's finances. She threatens Dean to stay away from her family. In February 2019, the Carters learn that Nancy and Tamwar have gotten engaged in Australia. We wanted to make sure they knew what kind of assistance might be available to someone like Libby." When Tamwar and Afia discover that Zainab has inherited all of Yusef's money and that she wants him and Afia to take it, Tamwar repeatedly declines the offer, saying that he wants nothing to do with his money and that they should get rid of it. In February 2019, Tamwar calls Mick, telling him that he and Nancy are engaged. Tamwar is embarrassed and takes the curry back when she is unable to pay. The talented actor tends to keep pretty tight-lipped around his private life. Patel said Tamwar is grateful for his second chance with Afia, and said there is "a split-second change in Tamwar and his attitude. Tamwar is disgusted with Kush, and Nancy asks Tamwar not to tell anyone what happened. A rundown of things to read, watch and listen to each week. EastEnders SPOILERS: Ruby tries to take Stacey’s kids away? [...] He did his best work on the sidelines, an alien observer of the most befuddlingly toxic neighbourhood in the country. Tamwar Masood was one of several Asian characters introduced in 2007 by executive producer, Diederick Santer. It’s all about changing perceptions, he says. However, he fails to achieve the grades he needs for his place at Oxford, but does not confess this to his family. Afia reveals to Tamwar that it was Yusef that set Zainab on fire and not his family, and Tamwar loses trust in Afia. [11] It has later come apparent that this role has been taken by his older brother, Syed Masood. [9] Like the character he plays, Patel is the son of a postmistress and he is also a former paperboy. The Masood family have proved to be hugely popular with EastEnders viewers. After Aleks is fired and leaves Walford, Tamwar is promoted to Market Inspector to replace Aleks. A few days later, they go out to lunch, and Tamwar ends their brief romance. See full bio». She blames her father so Tamwar asks Masood to speak to him. When Syed and Christian Clarke (John Partridge) begin a gay relationship, Tamwar is angry with his mother for acting like Syed is dead, and is generally supportive of Syed. Mick gains the upper hand and stands on Dean's throat, and although Nancy stops him, they believe Dean is dead. Patel is a member of the National Youth Theatre, and attended Prince William School& 6th Form in Oundle, Northamptonshire. Ollie suffers a seizure shortly after the fall and is admitted to hospital where the family learns that he may have brain damage. Nancy Carter is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Maddy Hill. Tamwar makes cameo appearances in the Internet spin-off series EastEnders: E20. On 12 March 2016, it was announced that Patel would be leaving the show, with Tamwar making his final appearance alongside Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) on 22 April 2016.[1]. Meanwhile Himesh has landed himself several TV and film roles. Syed arranges for Afia to see Tamwar, and they spend time alone in the restaurant. Patel was raised in Cambridgeshire by his Gujrati parents who ran a newsagent (like a good kid, he did a paper round for them as a teenager). "[25], Upon the announcement of Tamwar's departure from the series, Stuart Heritage from The Guardian said that Tamwar and Nancy were his favourite EastEnders couple but said their departure storyline "feels as if it's been chucked together blindfolded at the last minute in a panic". However, he is later convinced to stay by Zainab and his friend Fatboy (Ricky Norwood). He is the husband of Nancy Masood. Overall though, ​“it’s important to have this time to reflect and consider things.”. "[23] In 2009, Ruth Deller of entertainment website lowculture.co.uk praised Tamwar, stating: "Tamwar has really come into his own lately, and everyone is rooting for him to get with Amira – he appeals to the inner geek in all of us, except he's probably better at one-liners. Afia eventually leaves him as she finds that her and Tamwar want different things and that remaining in Walford will make her unhappy. [2] He was first seen in October 2007. Nancy's first appearance is in a combination of the show's 4775th and 4776th episodes, originally broadcast in the United Kingdom on 1 January 2014. "[7] Trevor Phillips, CRE chair, has said: "balanced representation of ethnic minority communities in the media matters.

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