is it worth living in usa

They couldn’t believe that we were all actually drinking out of red Solo cups, it blew their minds. She writes about cleaning and living well as the Lifestyle Director at Apartment Therapy. Make the USA your new home and find your dream job in the US state of your choice. Take the time to go over every word of the contract and, if needed, have a native speaker help you. With all the different types of landscapes across the country, there really isn’t a bad view in the U.S. You’ll find mountain ranges, rolling hills, desert cactus, and beaches. With millions of people living in the United States, there is no doubt a lot of diversity, and sometimes just sitting and watching people can be fascinating. ), Met some Swiss guys at a house party after a mutual friend’s wedding. Moreover, our constitution is a genius document and I love living in the nation it helped create. Becoming a US citizen is the ultimate fulfillment of the American dream for many around the world. There are many sites on the internet that list housing, but be careful to only visit well-known websites. All leading to her current role as WL Director USA and Lead of the USA Chapter. Keep an eye out for “Apartment Available” or “For Rent” signs on buildings and community boards located in local libraries, grocery stores, community centers, etc. Many landlords require you to show them your Social Security Card before signing the contract. The great thing about the USA is that you can find your groove somewhere, whether it’s the bustling streets of New York City or the calm, slow-paced pastures of the Southern states. As a fresh American resident searching for a house or apartment, you may be confronted with some unfamiliar words. If you do find a place you can afford, expect to be more cramped or farther from the best parts of town than you would be in other, more reasonably priced locales. Arrives in the US without the awareness that he/she broke generations of living together and unity in their families. Washington and Oregon, located in the northwestern corner of the USA, are well-known for being rainy. I realized that not every NRI in the US opens up because of ‘private space’ concept. – TalosOurSavior (Yep, sometimes it’s just a tip for the waiter, but sometimes we’ll pay for the whole meal with cash on the table. ), There are a lot of squirrels. The Survey was conducted with a casual talk/discussion rather than a professional way of conducting surveys. You go to the bar for a beer to cool off, the beer costs X… but noooooooo, now you have to tip! So just a make a firm decision to settle here or to go back based on your own requirements and priorities, not based on what other NRIs are doing.

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