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Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash Let's go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like (yeah) All lyrics to "Pure Heroine", arranged in no order. I can't talk to you or your friends And everywhere we go I can feel the subtle taste (And I like you) ... Lorde Quotes Lorde Lyrics Music Lyrics Lorde Pure Heroine Lorde Hair Poster Fonts Screen Print Poster Music Drawings Artist Quotes. Go get punched for the love club It's a switch flipped, it's a pill tipped back, it's a moon eclipse This will take you down But that will never be enough (but that will never be enough), [Verse 1] So drop your chin and take yourself back home (It feels better biting down) We've not yet lost all our graces We can talk it good (3 fans), Sheet Music  We can make it so divine (It feels better biting down) We count our dollars on the train to the party [Verse 2] And the cry goes out (oh!) Send the call out Here it's never ending, can't remember when it started It feels better biting down If being afraid is a crime, we hang side by side Send the call out Of the deeds outgrown and the welcome overstayed The song was released on 13 September 2013 as the album's third single in Australia and New Zealand by Universal Music New Zealand, and the second in the United States and the United Kingdom by Lava and Republic Records. We don't care; we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams Roughing up our minds so we're ready when the kill time comes Everyone a rager And we roll in every summer like it's shameful to be underneath We move in the tree streets But we're the gladiators I joined the club and it's all on [Outro] "Team" was certified platinum by both the Australian Recording Industry Association and Recorded Music NZ. And in “Team,” the album’s third single, Lorde revealed her exhaustion with “gettin’ told to throw my hands up in the air” by generic pop songs. I'm kind of over gettin' told to throw my hands up in the air It feels better biting down You could try and take us [Outro] Favorite friend (and nothing's wrong when nothing's true) [Verse 1] I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies But secretly they're saviors [Verse] The track was written by Lorde and Joel Little and produced by Little, with additional production from Lorde herself. At the swingin' party down the line I was frightened of every little thing that I thought was out to get me down It feels better biting down After several unsuccessful sessions with songwriters, Lorde was paired with Joel Little by A&R representative Scott Maclachlan, who assisted with the album's production. more », Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, known by her stage name Lorde, is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. Skip a hit, don't make a sound We don't care; we aren't caught up in your love affair Still Sane. It's a new art form showing people how little we care (yeah) My mom and dad let me stay home (And I like you) I'll pull the trick and it comes true [Chorus] Breathed so deep, I thought I'd drown The goal for me is to make a body of work that is cohesive, that feels like an album and is something that I going to be proud of… [I]t seems a lot of albums lately don’t feel like a cohesive set of songs that complement each other and mean something as a group. Go get punched for the love club We don't care; we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams And you know we're on each other's team Ribs. Listen to the beats resound Artist: Lorde. [Hook] [Pre-chorus 1] You're allergic but you never said Lorde Lyrics Pure Heroine Lyrics (Lyrics to the Full Album on one page) Tennis Court; 400 Lux; Royals; Ribs; Buzzcut Season; Team; Glory And Gore; Still Sane; White Teeth Teens; A World Alone. That's why we're making headlines I was frightened of every little thing that I thought was out to get me down I want the applause, the approval, the things that make me go oh, [Verse 1] Review: RIFF-it. Baby, be the class clown, I'll be the beauty queen in tears Go all the way, have your fun, have it all Top Lyrics of 2009. Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash This dream isn't feeling sweet [Chorus] I was in but I want out Everything will glow for you And I'll never go home again (place the call, feel it start) But everybody's like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece Never not chasing a million things I want [Chorus] I'm faking glory Sharing beds like little kids (sharing beds like little kids) I'm glad that we stopped kissing the tar on the highway Lick my lips, toss my hair "Team" was certified platinum by both the Australian Recording Industry Association and Recorded Music NZ. Let me live that fantasy Pass around the lampshade, there'll be plenty enough room in jail (It feels better biting down), [Refrain] How you wish it would be all the time [Chorus] You could try and take us But every song's like gold teeth, Grey Goose, trippin' in the bathroom (And I like you) I see you with all of your front teeth Album: Pure Heroine. And the girls get their claws out You could try and take us Lorde "Royals": I've never seen a ... Search "Royals" lyrics. It kissed your scalp and caressed your brain [Verse 2] Recently Added. I can tell that you're tired Its themes cover adolescence, and the effects of fame. The album’s musical aspect is generally downbeat and somber, avoiding typical pop happiness and danceability. Lorde - A World Alone Lyrics. I'm kind of older than I was when I reveled without a care

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