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Data are available for Local Government Areas, Statistical Areas Levels 2 - 4, Greater Capital Cities, States and Australia. [74], La Trobe University operates a regional campus in Mildura, with 500 students enrolled as of 14 February 2018.[75]. 77.4% of people were born in Australia. The Sunraysia Rugby League is also based in Mildura and has six senior men's teams competing for the annual premiership. Lot of workers was moving to Mildura to take advantage of employment opportunities there, which contributes to the population growth. They have reportedly been involved in revenge killings, cannabis production and weapons purchases. Mildura (Rural City, Australia) with population statistics ... Mildura. Mildura community . Please see the section on enrolment for further information. The Post Office opened on 23 January 1888.[11]. includes Population, Population Density, Citizenship, includes Population, Culture, Housing, Health, Education and Employment, includes Businesses, Building Approvals, Registered Motor Vehicles, includes Preschool Enrolments, Post-School Qualifications, Occupations, includes Unpaid Work, Households, Internet Access, includes Year of Arrival, Qualifications, Occupation, includes Land Area, Water Use, Solar Installations, Estimated Resident Population - persons (no. The word dura is generally thought to mean "earth", "sand" or "rock" in the local Ladji Ladji language. Greyhound Australia run buses to Adelaide and Sydney via Canberra. Located on the Victorian side of the Murray River, Mildura had a population of 33,444 in 2016. Faulkhead was sentenced to nine years and five months in jail. On 10 January 2007 the Victorian Government did not rule out some form of reimbursement for the Rural City of Mildura council's legal and other costs in opposing the LTCF. [59], Mildura has nine Australian Rules football teams competing in the Sunraysia Football League; Imperials, Mildura, South Mildura, Irymple, Robinvale-Euston, Wentworth, Merbein, Red Cliffs and Ouyen United. [3] Many wineries also source grapes from Mildura. Tourism is a A$210 million industry in Mildura. The local area produces more than 70% of Australia's dried vine fruits. The Mildura Rural City Council and residents spent almost $2 million fighting the Government's proposal for the LTCF at Nowingi. It includes a large Target, a Big W to the side of Mildura Central, a 19 aisle Woolworths and a Coles supermarket across the road. [citation needed] It is also notable for its grape production, supplying 80% of Victoria's grapes. Rural City in Australia. Data by Region is intended for users interested in the characteristics of regions and in comparing regions across Australia. ). Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 2 lug 2019 alle 05:06. [5] The city's name was taken from the Mildura homestead, an early sheep station which covered most of the area. Mildura is a regional city in north-west Victoria, Australia.Located on the Victorian side of the Murray River, Mildura had a population of 33,444 in 2016. Contents: Population. Mildura is part of the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone, in which fruits or vegetables may not be taken into the area (they can, however, be taken out). La popolazione attuale del comune è stimata in 50.042 abitanti. Mildura has a long history of orange and grape farming. Mildura Region is contained within the following area: Mildura Region is in the same geography as the following Area of Mildura is 22 082.00 km², in this year population density was 2.50 p/km² . From the 1920s, a number of 'suburban' train services were established to Merbein and Red Cliffs. I nati all'estero provengono principalmente da: Lingua sconosciuta: inglese australiano (,, Errori del modulo citazione - citazioni che usano un codice lingua sconosciuto, Voci non biografiche con codici di controllo di autorità, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. As of the 2016 census, there were 33,444 people living in Mildura. Area of Mildura is 22 082.50 km², in this year population density was 2.50 p/km² . Population of Mildura. Local radio stations include ABC Local Radio (National), RIVER1467AM (3ML)(Commercial), 97.9 Sun FM Sunraysia (Commercial), 99.5 Star FM (Commercial), and Hot FM (Community). 80.0% of Mildura’s people spoke only English at home. Mildura is host to many annual festivals such as the Mildura Country Music Festival, the International Balloon Fiesta, the Jazz Food & Wine Festival,[33] Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival,[34] Murray River International Music Festival,[35] Mildura Writers Festival,[36] Mildura Palimpsest,[37] and the Mildura Show. The official population number as of the most recent census is 50,239 people. The main shopping street of Mildura is Langtree Avenue, which features a pedestrian mall and shopping centre. Indigenous Australians make up 4.6%[1] of Mildura's population. [24] In 2013, Mildura Solar Concentrator Power Station, a 1.5 MW demonstration plant, was commissioned by Silex Systems and it was expected to be expanded to 100 MW by 2017. Deakin Avenue, the main street of Mildura, is known as the longest straight avenue in Australia, at 12.1 km. This includes details collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Council and external agencies on population, growth, households as … Indigenous Australians make up 4.6% of Mildura’s people. When nearby Wentworth, Irymple, Nichols Point and Merbein are included, the area had an estimated urban population of 50,998 at June 2016. There was also a financial recession at this time. [69], Mildura has a railway connection to Melbourne, which is used for freight transport. It includes the city of Mildura and the towns of Merbein, Red Cliffs, Irymple, Ouyen, Werrimull, Murrayville, Walpeup and Hattah. Mildura is situated on flat land without hills or mountains on the southern bank of the Murray River and surrounded to the west, north and east by lakes and billabongs including Lake Hawthorn, Lake Ranfurly and Lake Gol Gol. h�bbd```b``���+��\ɦ��;@$�d)���W�e��d=X���"S��� �+ Click on the following category headings to view Mildura is a largely low-rise and low density urban area that is overwhelmingly dependent upon private automobiles for transportation. Mildura is also known as the centre of Victoria's Food Bowl and is a major producer of citrus fruits (especially oranges), and wine. Population. ), Speaks an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language at home (%), Median equivalised total household income (weekly) ($), Median total income (excl. The 72-year-old pilot, a 52-year-old man from Zetland, and a 58-year-old Melbourne man were charged with conspiracy to import a commercial quantity of border controlled drugs and money laundering offences. Last official estimated population of Mildura Rural City (as Local Government Area) was 55 151 people (on 2017-06-30).This was 0.22 % of total Australian population and 0.858% of VIC population. Si trova nella regione Sunraysia, ed è affacciata sulle rive del fiume Murray. Si trova nella regione Sunraysia, ed è affacciata sulle rive del fiume Murray. In 2012 the college had 640 students enrolled. The College has well equipped classrooms, science and computer laboratories, creative arts and design and technology complex, religious education centre, library, sports facilities, staff and student amenities.[72]. In 1886, Canadian-American irrigator George Chaffey came to Australia and selected a derelict sheep station known as Mildura as the site for his first irrigation settlement, signing an agreement with the Victorian government to spend at least £300,000 on permanent improvements at Mildura in the next twenty years. 80.0% of people spoke only English at home. Association football (soccer) also has a large following in Mildura, with there being a popular junior and senior league played during the winter months. %PDF-1.5 %���� The hub of this community is the Mildura Arts Centre, which began as a gallery space at Rio Vista House in the 1950s and became fully established in 1956 with the building of a new regional art gallery and performing arts theatre. Mildura is a very motor sports oriented town. After this period, the new settlement grew and grew. Mildura Central's (formerly Centro Mildura) extensive redevelopment in 2005 has positioned the centre as the major shopping destination within the Sunraysia region. There he met George and William Chaffey. 2018: 3,754: 24,992,860: Working Age Population (aged 15-64 years) (%) 2018: 61.9: 65.5: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples: Estimated Resident Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Population - persons (no.) Mildura Population 2020. Mildura è un importante centro agricolo noto per la sua produzione di uva. While the land along the river and irrigation channels is fertile, much of the land around Mildura is also dry, saline and semi-arid.[15]. WIN Mildura produced half-hour WIN News bulletins for the Sunraysia region until May 2015. Basketball also has a large following in Mildura with hundreds of teams in all divisions entered in the Mildura Basketball Association's summer league. [1], In 2018 Mildura recorded the highest rural crime rate in Victoria and the fourth highest crime rate in the state overall. The Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, located nearby in Mourquong is another popular attraction which draws visitors to the city. [43] Several notable mafia murders have been linked to the region including the suspected mafia hit on 43-year-old Marco Medici in 1983, police believe the murder may be connected to the assassination of anti-drug crusader Donald MacKay at Griffith in 1977. [2] It is the largest settlement in the Sunraysia region. The city's situation on the Murray River makes it a hub for watersports, paddlesteamers and boat cruises. Mildura got record daily rainfall on 5 February 2011 with 155 millimetres (6.1 in). The college has a double-court gymnasium which it operates as a joint-use facility with the Mildura Regional City Council. Since early settlement Mildura has been home to artists, writers and creative people. The nearby towns of Wentworth, Gol Gol, Curlwaa and Yelta sprang up in the mid-to-late 19th century. Population of Mildura. L'82,8% dei residenti di Mildura è australiana. ), Working Age Population (aged 15-64 years) (%), Estimated Resident Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Population - persons (no.

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