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The three main options for short term accommodation are: 1. However, be sure to weigh the costs of importation and potential necessary modifications to comply with Swiss specifications and pollution / CO2 requirements. Banking, insurance, precision machinery, micro-technology, hi-tech, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals are the main areas of the Swiss economy; small and medium-sized enterprises also play an important role. Hotel Reservations – Proof of appropriate stay arrangements is a must. Get expert knowledge and solutions to answer all questions related to researching, relocating and residing in Switzerland. It should have at least 2 blank pages. New USA H-1B Visa Rules – Hiring Workers To Be Harder, Top 20 Colleges For Aspirational Entrepreneurs Based The PitchBook Ranking, 9 Countries Indians Can Easily Get Permanent Residency, Top 10 Countries Where You Can Immigrate and Settle Easily, China Immigration - Eligibility, Job Opportunities and How to Apply, How to Apply for South Korea Tourist Visa, New USA H-1B Visa Rules - Hiring Workers To Be Harder, Migrants can choose between short-stay visas and long-stay visas, Both visas are available as a single entry and multiple entry visas. Your spouse is not going to able to find a job right away. It will be of great help if you know the name of the previous tenant. Today Switzerland is structured on three political levels: municipal, cantonal and federal. Location: Langnau A.A. Posts: 11 Groaned at 0 Times in 0 Posts Thanked 2 Times in 2 Posts Moving family to Switzerland. It also boasts of an excellent educational system, quality health care and a high quality of life. Sure, most newly arrived figured out ahead of time that basic health insurance is compulsory and that there are strict rules to using the shared laundromat in your apartment complex. This may be obtained as a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa. In every case all documents submitted must be originals. The right to lump-sum taxation expires when the individual either starts working in Switzerland or obtains Swiss citizenship. If you are considering relocating to Switzerland, please make sure that your single-family office, a local private bank*, multi-family office or dedicated lawyer guides you through that process. Payment Client Zone. The Federal Chancellery assists and advises the Council on the running of its business. For most cantons that starts at CHF 400,000. The culture of Switzerland is influenced by the German, French, Italian and … This is a biometric card that is valid for 1 year and maybe later renewed for one more year. Switzerland has a lot to offer expat families, from great school options to a range of outdoor activities, high-quality healthcare and reliable public transport. Childcare is extremely expensive and will take a large chunk of salary, so it’s important to take this into consideration when planning the move. They vary in scope of products, channels, speeds, prices, etc. Free guidance and support lets you take control of your own relocation. To be eligible for this visa, the applicant must meet at least one of the following criteria: To apply for a short stay or long stay visa, the documents required include: Passport – This passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the intended return. Swiss Cuisine has also been shaped by German, French, … Disclaimer:All the information on this page was last updated in September 2019.The information provided on this site with respect to the tax system and residency criteria is of a general nature and should not be perceived as (tax or legal) advice, or the solicitation of tax or legal services. Pensioners (>55 years) originating from non-EU jurisdictions, with strong provable connections to Switzerland, fully retired and with proof of substantial financial means. This step is a typical complication for people who are relocating and would to be connected on or soon after arrival. Those were the conflicts that triggered the drafting in 1848 of the Swiss constitution and the establishment of the Swiss Federal Republic as we know it today. The cultural diversity, standard of living and environment are only some of the reasons why people choose to migrate to Switzerland. Switzerland Family Reunion Visa for family members of permanent residence holders. This is mostly due to the level of risk of rabies in the country of origin. Apartment blocks often have some shared facilities, as well as strict living rules and regulations. : Some Swiss cantons have abolished lump-sum taxation. To work in Switzerland, all non-Swiss generally require some form of immigration authorisation - usually a work permit, or a combined work and residence permit. Because of its stability, a considerable number of ultra-wealthy families has set up their single-family office in Switzerland. This gives a list of the documents supporting the application and the reason for applying for the visa. Generally there are only two categories of people (restricted total annual number) that qualify for a Swiss residency permit: After having received a temporary residency permit and having actually moved to Switzerland, a non-EU citizen can apply for a permanent residency permit after ten years. Additionally, all newcomers need to register at their local town hall (commune/ Gemeinde) within 8 days of entering Switzerland and prior to their first working day. Hello Switzerland fills a huge gap for those who are keen to integrate but find it difficult due to the language barrier. After leaving the Schengen for the second time, the person may not return to Switzerland even if the visa is still valid. With a few preparations, your move should run smoothly. You must be registered as a resident in Switzerland before being able to open an account, and Swiss anti-money-laundering laws require verification of the source of income and confirmation of the identity of the applicant. Make sure that the contracts and all appliances are sent to an address where your name is displayed on the mailbox. It is therefore essential to address all these risks before you actually move to Switzerland. An active outdoor culture is accompanied by beautiful lakes, biking trails and hiking routes in … Here you will find answers to questions regarding the immigration - entry, living and working in Switzerland, changing residence, land purchases, taxation, social security, laws, special courses for foreign children. The Half-Fare travelcard allows half-price travel on the entire Swiss public transport network, The General Abonnement (general subscription) travelcard allows unlimited travel on public transport throughout Switzerland, Day cards are one-day travel passes enabling unlimited travel on the Swiss public transport network, The Track 7 card allows free travel from 7pm to 5am for young people under 25 (they must also be holders of a Half- Fare travelcard), The Junior Card allows children between 6 and 16 years old to travel with their parents. passport and identity card) is therefore enough. If you do decide to import your car there are opportunities for significant financial savings if you plan 6 months in advance or more. Here we look at some of the keys areas to consider for expat families relocating to Switzerland, with both the pros and cons. Factors that play a role are the individual’s total global wealth, age, family situation and the municipality in which the taxpayer will live. internet speed, data package, included calling minutes and international calling minutes) are in the package. Since Switzerland is part of the Schengen area, citizens of the other 25 Schengen countries do not need a visa or permit to travel to Switzerland. For example, getting somewhere with a private garden is very difficult, so you might have to compromise on outside space – luckily Switzerland has plenty of public open spaces to enjoy. There are 3 main types of Swiss residence permits. Citizens of some of the newer EU member countries such as Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania may be subject to special rules. Is there a possibility that our email has gone to your spam folder?If so, please click on the "Send verification email" button to send a verification email to and follow these instructions to remove our emails from your spam folder. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Hello Switzerland helps you to live and work in Switzerland. Inform your preferred provider that you would like to set up a contract with them and for services to be operational at the time of your arrival in Switzerland. There are many reasons people migrate to Switzerland. 2. Also interesting to read:International residencies – OverviewResidence in DubaiResidence in ItalyResidence in MonacoResidence in the UKHow to set up a single-family office. It is a very competitive market, so you may have to lower your expectations when looking for a property. Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein also form the European Free trade Association (EFTA). Finding accommodation to rent in Switzerland. In fact, a majority of the population consists of migrants. Author: Jan van Bueren, LLM, TEP© Copyright. Moving to Switzerland: What do I need to know? Residence in Switzerland. The assessment basis is the lifestyle expenditure of the tax subject and his/her family. A digital modem is usually required and will be provided by the telecoms provider. Asia: Where can expats find work after the crisis? International investors have long considered the Swiss franc (CHF) a "safe-haven" currency. There is no obligation to extend the policy. Search. This is device-independent and must in principle be paid by every household. Foreigners are allowed to remain in Switzerland for a maximum of 90 days. Primary education lasts for six years and then Secondary I is three years. Moving family to Switzerland Thread Tools: Display Modes #1 20.07.2020, 21:12 Gajdzi. A basic healthcare policy covers the majority of the basic medical costs resulting from an illness. Order extra support easily if you need it. Read further or contact us now for more information. This option is outside the scope of this article. Many people look at Switzerland as a place they would like to settle down in. When moving to Switzerland with children, you may have to adapt to a smaller living space. Call +41 58 356 17 77 or check our Helpline page. Life in Switzerland. The main things you need to know when moving to Switzerland also vary depending on the canton you move to. Step By Step: a unique and powerful relocation checklist tool providing everything you need to know to successfully relocate to Switzerland.

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