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Somag News is an online international news platform that founded in 2019 with a dynamic news team.Our news team includes reporters that has a speciality in different fields from each other. Natasha Romanoff alias Black Widow made the same choice in order to obtain the famous Soul Stone, necessary for … There were, of course, those who far preferred the original. A meaningful subversion does something interesting with audience expectations, shifting a story in an unexpected direction in order to reveal something insightful about what the audience wants from a particular story. Neither character is fighting for an ideology or a purpose. © The Escapist 2020. What’s happening is more important than whom it is happening to. Apr 10, 2020, 8:20 am Internet Culture . When a shot finally takes her through the chest, she tumbles to the ground. Johansson's character of master spy Natasha Romanoff has been in the MCU since nearly the beginning and emerged as a core member of the Avengers team. At least she gets to live in New York City though! All Rights Reserved. Donald Trump Retweeted an Absolutely Unhinged QAnon Conspiracy Theory & Everyone’s Just Too Exhausted to Care, Asking Amy Coney Barrett Who Does the Laundry in Her Home at Her Confirmation Hearing Isn’t Cute, Professional Ignoramus Ted Cruz Just Called Contraception “Abortion-Inducing Drugs”, LOL: Ted Cruz Mocked for Worrying Charles Manson, Who Is Dead, Might Vote, The Democrats Are the Avengers in a New Video From Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansson Explains Why It’s the Right Time for, I’m Done With All the Dying Dads in TV and Movies, Thanks. Mallrats 2 Confirmed To Unite Entire Original Cast And Shoot... Karl Urban Reportedly Being Eyed For Riddick Sequel. You know they did this so RDJ would have all of the glory cause you totally forgot she died by the end.”. Does somebody tell Laura Barton (Linda Cardellini) what her husband was doing while she was gone? However, the Doctor then risked everything to resurrect Clara, inviting the audience to ask why they assumed a companion should be punished for growing and developing. It’s clear that Natasha dies in Endgame in order to surprise audience members. New Black Widow Photos See Natasha And Yelena Facing Down Taskmaster, Andrew Garfield And Tobey Maguire Reportedly Now In Talks For Spider-Man 3, Supergirl Fans Petitioning To Save The Show From Cancellation, AMC Theatres Will Reportedly Run Out Of Money In 6 Months, Watch: Tom Holland Becomes Marty McFly In Back To The Future Fan Trailer, Watch: Nicolas Cage Is On The Hunt In National Treasure 3 Fan Trailer, Watch: Boba Fett Gets His Own Star Wars Movie In Awesome Fan Trailer, Wanda Will Reportedly Be Responsible For Electro Coming Into The MCU, Marvel Reportedly Plans To Make At Least 3 More Deadpool Movies, New Matrix 4 Theory Says Neo’s Return Is Part Of The Oracle’s Plan. It’s debatable whether Endgame actually sees this. The sequence remains one of the most divisive and controversial in Endgame. UGH this is so much better. As Natasha sprints for the edge, presumably to sacrifice herself as she did in the original, men flood around her and gunfire streaks past. Marvel edits misleading trailers and censors the scripts given to actors to prevent leaks, as if somebody discovering what happened in the film would ruin it. According to Johansson, Feige said that there would have to be "big sacrifices and big losses."

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