nest cam iq outdoor hardwire

Ensure that the polarity of the connection is correct.i.e. So even if your camera is stolen or damaged, you can go back and see what happened. For instance, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor’s design and advanced algorithms make it better suited for longer viewing distances with Supersight. If I do the nest cam, I have to fish the wire from the outside and then have the electrician out an outlet on the inside of the house so I can plug it in. When your camera spots a face it doesn’t recognize, or if it’s unsure, it will send an alert asking whether you know the person. This filter is switched off at night to enable light sensitivity and deliver detailed video. Hi @jayeff , You failed to say how splicing into the power adapter would Void Warranty. If it doesn't work properly and you have more than the 2 wires in the hardwire cable (hopefully you have 4 wires) then try connecting the red wire to two wires in the cable at both ends and the same with the black wire, connect it to the other two wires at both ends. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is available at and major retailers like Amazon, Home Depot and Best Buy. This is what an outdoor security camera should be. This completely conceals the cable for a clean, neat installation that is also tamper resistant. Outdoor Nest Cams complement each other so you can choose to install one or the other in specific locations around your home, depending on what you want to keep an eye on. The light ring can also help with troubleshooting and will turn different colors to let you know what’s happening. HD Talk and Listen (full-duplex), 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi My front door camera works perfectly as the distance is shorter. You’ll also know when an unfamiliar face is detected. Nest Cam IQ outdoor has a 130-degree wide-angle view, 1080p HD image quality and a 12x digital zoom and enhance feature that keeps a close eye on somewhere specific. Multicolor light ring, Operating temperature The Nest app provides the user with facial images they can categorize. For more tips, see the following article. Nest Cam Outdoor, which is designed to plug into a standard outdoor power outlet, is compatible with locking “while-in-use” outlet covers. Hopefully the OP would be aware of that. No. @johnmilk. level 1 These outlets can be secured with a locking cover to help prevent unplugging the camera. But if you purchased your Nest Cam from the Google Store, we do offer a 30-day return policy. The Nest Cam Outdoor and Indoor use WiFi to send the video, not ethernet, (according to the specs anyway). Install the wall plate I’ve experienced the same issue when I needed to extend the Nest Outdoor IQ power cable, and run it through electrical piping. You can route the power cable through an existing opening (like an attic vent) or drill a hole through your home’s exterior wall.

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