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Below you will find books that will help you reframe your attitude about alcohol and addiction… The Big Book is probably the most read self-book of all time, and it has sold 30 million copies. For this inaugural Book List post, I thought it best to start with the 13 books I think make up a great starting point in terms of building a holistic recovery. Grace assures readers recovery is more than a difficult … If you grew up in a family influenced by dysfunction and alcoholism, these 19 books can provide a valuable resource for understanding and insight into how to cope and deal with the situation. Adult children of alcoholics or other kinds of dysfunctional parents may still be affected by the experience, but books to overcome these challenges can help. There will usually be parts of this books … Many people raised in alcoholic … If you're such a child, you may have some personality traits that are common to adult children of alcoholics.. … The book is very well-researched, analyzes just how alcoholism happens, and dissects the relationship between drinking and pleasure. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (aka Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism) (1939) – by Anonymous.

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