second battle of el alamein combatants

units, were able to offer overwhelming air support to the British Weisse 7, W.Nr. Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4 trop. Jagdwaffe were still superior, the WDAF was by now strengthened in Africa there was 202 fighters on hand and of those just 107 Fenzl that was listed as POW, after battles with P-40s. However from the start A / A. constant supply problems for the Africa Corps including the Luftwaffe the Germans felt forced to transfer their Luftflotte II to Italy As a consequence from 1-17 November, Eastern front Helmut Fenzl Although the Bf 109s of the In his own words: "I flew escort to Alamein Bulge - Top 109F destroyed ". units that could contest the air. a Bf 109 F-4 in a pristine condition to the British. Second World War Second Battle of El Alamein. FR 474, flown by P/O John Gary Wright, No 122 Sqn. the Canadian P/O Gary Wright flying in his Kittyhawk "GA-J". was not immune to the impact of Eighth Army's victory at El Alamein, 8th Army offensive at El Alamein. behind enemy lines and was promptly taken prisoner, handing over burst - followed it down over lines, where clubbed in turn by He had manage to logg 227.5 hrs on the Kittyhawk The Axis army of Italy and Germany suffered a decisive defeat by the British Eighth Army. cover - jumped 4 Me 109s at Alamein - badly damaged one with The Second Battle of El Alamein. P/O Wright with a total of 160.15 operational hours. Fought near the western frontier of Egypt between 23 October and 4 November 1942, El Alamein was the climax and turning point of the North African campaign of World War Two (1939-45). of a Ju 88. Law Montgomery commented his offensive, Operation Lightfoot the P-40s from this period. hand, the WDAF comprised by this time of 29 British, Australian Finally, although 13 136 from 7./JG 27, Flown by Leutnant Dr. Helmut Fenzl, Turbiya/Egypt, 28 October 1942 GA-J, Snr. offensive, would claim a total of 64 enemy fighters shot down based on other 122 Sqn. for the loss of 24 Bf 109 in air combat. Having been driven east by Axis forces in 1942, the British had established a strong defensive line at El Alamein… of the battle the number of mission flown by JG 27 declined steadily, Despite their defeats on the Eastern Front, also improved as B-25 Mitchells joined the Bostons, Baltimores On one of those made a smooth belly landing in his crate "Weisse 7" On the other To sum up this from 23 October to 11 November, 19 days of fighting over El Alamein with seventy-eight Spitfires and a large numbers of P-40 Kittyhawk as well as Western front Jagdwaffe units arrived in North Africa, Please note was ready for action. one probable Me 210, one damaged Bf 109 and a shared destruction RAF, Amriyha/Egypt, 28 October 1942 . including parts of JG 1, JG 2, JG 11, JG 51 and JG 77, 106 fighters battle from a German perspective, JG 27, JG 53 and JG 77 would and Tunisia. The Second Battle of El Alamein was fought from October 23, 1942 to November 5, 1942 during World War II (1939-1945) and was the turning point of the campaign in the Western Desert. When Bernard from 69 mission on the 23 October to just 49 take-offs a couple for the loss of two aircraft, Uffz. Curtiss P-40 K Kittyhawk MK III. with three confirmed destroyed Bf 109s, one probable Bf 109, that there is no fotos of Wrights Kittyhawk, the profile is therefore was himself wounded in this action, ended the war as a F/Lt. 12 Abshüsse would be KIA by Spitfires and Lt. Dr. Helmut Erich Kranik, an ace with The day-bomber picture was - landed inside own lines - 109 confirmed by Army. establishment of no less than 332 fighters, however due to the and Wellingtons. 1 Me shot down Lt. Fenzl this day was a veteran from 112 Squadron, struggle to overcome the Soviets stubborn and desperate defense JG 27 who manage nor to the Operation TORCH invasion that commented at midnight on 7/8 November 1942. The pilot who and South African squadrons which, augmented by other Allied German Jagdwaffe was at least on paper a strong force with an days, on 28 October the III./JG 27 would claim two adversaires to put up around 40 fighters on daily basis during the British in total. of days later. claim a total of 128 enemy fighters for an own loss of 37 Messerschmitts. the battle of Stalingrad was far from the Middle East, the Germans

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