shipping furniture to germany

Choose Eurosender as your shipping partner and match any shipment requirement your furniture has: Affordable rates and fast delivery for shipping a single piece of small furnitureLearn more, Safely ship bulky and heavy furniture to your customers or resellersLearn more, The best transport option for organising an international move within EuropeLearn more, Our logistics experts will organise a custom-made offer that fulfils all your needsLearn more. You’ll have other belongings that don’t classify as furniture but are still worth a quick mention. Grow your client base by offering reliable and affordable shipping services directly to their door, wherever they are. The key to our success is the dedication and the calibre of our staff, which has been recognised through a number of accreditations. Päckchen M up to 2 kg. Well done, you’ve dismantled your furniture, but where are you going to put all the screws and small parts? If your furniture is important enough to come with you, it deserves to be wrapped up safely and properly. ACE Moving in the Twin Cities was awesome, they used every bit of space in our 20 ft. container and wrapped our furniture to protect it. A country long associated with valor and rich history, Germany has charm that encompasses nature, arts, culture and cuisine. Transporting your belongings by sea instead of air, selling the possessions you no longer need, and packing your stuff yourself can help save you a bit of money. Use blankets and newspaper to make sure small delicate items won’t hit each other during their time in transit. Follow these steps to have a smooth and successful delivery of your household items. It will also prepare you with all the right materials and assistance. How to prepare an wardrobe for its long journey », Bulk Shipment 2 ovens, 2 cooking plates, 1 exhaust etc. You can use our page on international container shipping costs to get a better idea, or enter your details at the top of the page to get up to six free quotes. You'll receive a confirmation email in few minutes. With depots in Glasgow, Manchester and London, shipping furniture abroad from Mainland UK has never been easier. Transporting your belongings by sea instead of air, selling the possessions you no longer need, and packing your stuff yourself can help save you a bit of money. Similarly, books should go in boxes but never too many in the same box as it will become too heavy to carry. We could continue as to why we are the furniture removals company for you, but you can read our customer reviews. myGermany Blog » Write it all down and then add a bit more for good measure. Cover each part in bubble wrap and box it all up. You will be highly recommended by me.". Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, International Sea & Air Shipping cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance. Followers 2. You go kind of loopy! up to L + B+ H= 90 cm no side longer than 60 cm. How many and what kind of item(s) do you want us to ship from Germany?In order to estimate shipping costs, please provide a link of the item you wish to buy, give a brief description of the item or provide size / weight.Get your offer within the next 24h and learn more about our smart and cheap international shipping processes from Germany to your country! However, if you’ve decided to go it alone then there are loads of options when it comes to finding packing materials. The actual cost of shipping furniture abroad depends on a number of factors, such as your chosen transit method, the size of your consignment or the weight, how quickly you want to receive your items and the distance they will travel. Overseas packing presents a whole world of wonderful materials, such as corrugated cardboard sheets, furniture blankets and plastic stretch wrap. We load the shipping container and secure all furniture in place at your home, provided there is room for us to do so and once the shipping container is fully packed, we move the container to our depot for loading onto the freight vessel.

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