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I know, because I had to confront my own fears and try to live up to the responsibilities that others have fought so hard for. Imagine that every time you want to hold hands with the person you love in a public place, you have to think twice. But I can understand entirely why she chose not to tell us sooner. Thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of campaigners and activists over the years, our family has a place. Michael Long denied the allegations and said his children were out of state with Kelly Long and a convicted drug felon when he noticed his son acting strange over a FaceTime call. The attorney added that the children will undergo ongoing counseling. In an ideal world, the public/private debate could be discussed in academic terms but for now, the personal remains political. My boys were four and seven when Rena moved to England. Big break: Ward was known for his portrayal of a young Winston Churchill in the 1972 film Young Winston. As part of the agreement, Kelly Long will immediately receive multiple unsupervised, extended visitations with her two sons and begin a reunification process with Sophie. We went away for a few weeks while the dust settled and every day we phoned the village pub to see how things were. We knew no other families with gay parents and those I had read about were in books and articles about "other" lives. Medical tech calls woman back for ‘extra’ exam, sexually abuses her, Florida man throws Molotov cocktails at Planned Parenthood center; Security cameras catch the act, Junior high PE teacher charged with raping minor, Woman who called police on Black birdwatcher in Central Park said he ‘tried to assault her’: Court, Cannibal killer stabs ex-girlfriend before COOKING & EATING her brain, heart, Breaking Daily Crime & Justice News with Nancy Grace. There was anger, resentment, pain and tears. I fell in love with Rena when I met her in Los Angeles. They were lives I admired, as a feminist and a mother, but it took a while for me to understand that we were now "other". He is believed to have  been attacked by a man armed with a shovel, but no one was charged because there were no witnesses. During an interview with Frisco police, however, Sophie’s mother claimed that accusations from Michael Long aren’t anything new. “We are unfortunately dealing with a very volatile and increasingly dangerous situation. When I asked the boys how they dealt with that, they said, "If I know the people, they already know, if I don't, it's none of their business." It was not the year any of us expected. Sophie Ward, left, with her wife, Rena Brannan: 'For a long time we were the only gay parents we knew.' He said he took his son in for drug testing during his next custody visitation. So much for Boris's tiers! We are no longer accepting comments on this article. We are a mixed-race, same-sex parent family and for many years had few legal rights. Whatever might be thrown at children in the playground or classroom in the form of bullying or teasing, they need to know that although their family might not be conventional, it is a family, it exists. On Tuesday’s “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace,” Nancy Grace examined the “Stand with Sophie” case, which went viral over the summer. They need you to be there at the school gates, at the parents' meetings, on school trips and holidays. Those who considered us a brave couple gave us more credit than we were due. Sophie, a 9-year-old Texas girl, was “Student of the Year” in third grade, but by fourth grade, her demeanor changed as her parents continued their tumultuous custody battle. In 2010, after civil partnerships were legalised, we had a ceremony at a registry office. Her children are now grown up - how did adapting to their reconfigured family affect them? When you have children, your priority is to equip them for life and they need to know who their family is and what that means. We have been a family for 17 years. They are a lot smarter than me. The ten facts you need to know about Sophie Ward, including life path number, birthstone, body stats, zodiac and net worth. Explore Sophie Ward's biography, personal life, family and real age. Alternative Families, Alternative Fairytales, in association with Stonewall, is part of the Imagine Children's Festival at the Royal Festival Hall, London SE1 on Tuesday 19 February, admission free, Michael and Kelly Long reached a negotiated settlement out of court on Friday October 2nd. Simon Ward, who made his name in Richard Attenborough’s Churchill … It was not the year any of us expected. Of course, we were just parents like any others, making it up as we went along. "Unmarried partner of Sophie Ward" is still stamped in Rena's passport. I thought I’d given them lots of coded messages, but apparently not. Huge leap in number of women killed by cocaine: Deaths from the drug are up sevenfold in 10 years, new... JENNI MURRAY: I won't be silenced by a hate mob that says I should die. Sophie Ward, the former Vogue cover girl who’s probably most famous for being the first high-profile British actress to come out as a lesbian, has written a novel. I lay awake at night and tried to work it out. Enter the age of penury: The central bank money printing binge could end in tears, says ALEX BRUMMER. This week Matt Hancock condemned experts who dared question lockdown. Coming out, again. For what, really, was the alternative? I talked to close friends, I went into therapy. ‘He was a witty, frighteningly clever and handsome, complex man who I worked with a lot. It was the year I hurt some of those closest to me, lost friends and alienated strangers, a year I didn't know how to get through. The boys' teachers telling me, in a most sympathetic manner, that they understood the trials of being a single parent. Supportive father Simon said at the time: 'We were more shocked that Sophie didn’t tell us until that point. He underwent major brain surgery in the 1980s after being found unconscious with his skull broken beside a canal in Camden, North London. The words spun round in the dark, "divorce", "lesbian". It was very difficult. One friend told me the best thing I could do was to keep quiet. Mum and Dad were hurt that I hadn’t told them sooner. Actress Sophie Ward was at her father's bedside as he died aged 70 after a long illness. When prejudice and ignorance are confronted, everyone benefits. It’s going to take some time um, for the experts, the counselors to work with the kids.”. “And we want that stopped. It was hard telling them.’. I am not a believer in personal happiness at any cost and I didn't trust my instincts. Of his move, he said: ‘It’s taken the edge off my hunger for working because it’s so beautiful here. Sat 16 Feb 2013 02.00 EST. ‘The guy who taught us said: “Simon Ward, the thing is, you don’t want anything and, until you do, you will always be a bloody awful actor.” There’s a terrible truth in that!’. “Michael Long has substantial financial woes, which appears to be motivation for his attempts to monetize his child custody case. “After not having him for 66 days, my wife and Jack’s [Sophie’s brother] grandma took him into a lab and had them do a hair follicle test one the first day that we got him after, again, 66 days.

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