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Our Finest The First Who Was Named, Prima was enraged to learn that their benevolent mission had failed and blamed Megatronus for the disaster; when an insulted Megatronus was subsequently approached by Liege Maximo, the manipulative Prime stoked Megatronus's resentment and eventually brokered a secret alliance, a sequence of events that had been deliberately orchestrated by Shockwave so as to bring about the fall of the Primes as history had foretold. This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available. Megatron and the Fallen ordered Devastator to destroy the pyramid surrounding the Solar Harvester, but he was destroyed by a shot from the rail gun of USS Kidd, a US Navy destroyer. The First Who Was Named, Megatronus's name was stricken from the Cybertronian records for his crimes, and on both Cybertron and its colony worlds he was only remembered as "The Fallen." The Swamp In the Well of Sparks, he began gathering the sparks of Overlord's and Rodimus Cron's victims and installed the Enigma and Matrix into an device which, when combined with the Blaster, would be capable of ripping the spark from every Transformer. These Thirteen defeated Unicron and cast him into space. To assist him in his construction of a Star Harvester, the treacherous Prime, now known as The Fallen, assembled an army of like-minded Cybertronians who called themselves "Decepticons". [7] In 2010, he would receive a voyager class toy with a light blue/teal redeco with spear and an all-new head sculpt with a removable face to depict when he is decapicitated by Optimus. Collision Course Determined to destroy Megatronus and Solus for being part of Primus's Thirteen, along with the Matrix, Megatronus battled against Unicron while repeatedly having to divert his attention towards the others attacking his device. The Fallen's promise to Megatron that he would make his student a Prime would never be fulfilled, as Primes were born, not made. These cauldron-like forces purged him of what empathy and morality remained; all that remains now is hatred and purest rage. The Matrix of Leadership remained in Optimal's possession, however, enabling him to lead the Maximals in a fight against the Predacons (Beast Wars) in the distant future. Eons later, a young gladiator and social rhetorician named D-16 took inspiration from ancient folk tales, renaming himself "Megatronus". Identifying themselves with a symbol based on the fearsome visage of the Fallen, the Decepticons built the Harvester in prehistoric Egypt, and slaughtered any humans who discovered the Harvester. However, Optimus eventually managed to impale The Fallen through the shoulder with his own spear, then demanded his face, tearing it off. This accident weakened the barrier between reality and the dimension in which The Fallen was trapped, allowing The Fallen to eventually break free and return to Cybertron. Function: Back-to-Back, The Fallen suffered from iron barnacles in the folds of his armour... and if YOU were an Autobot sympathiser, you would be forced to clean them out! The Fallen sent Megatron to Egypt, but when the other Decepticons fell, he himself put in an appearance. Although removed soon afterwards, it eventually became canon a few years later. From within his prison dimension, Megatronus observed the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons, raging from Cybertron, across the galaxy and eventually to the battles both groups' respective leaders, Optimus Prime and Megatron, personally led and fought against each other on Earth. Their task was to harvest Energon for the AllSpark without endangering alien life, but the Fallen cared nothing for the puny meatsacks of Earth and tried to harvest the Sun! Megatron obeyed, leaving the sarcophagus in the barren wreckage. The Fallen sent Starscream and some Decepticon forces to Shanghai to retrieve a fragment of the AllSpark. They did not expect The Fallen to have so much power, and one by one they fell by his wretched hand. This practice got The Fallen and Jetfire into trouble with the other Primes, and so The Fallen began to sow seeds of mistrust in Jetfire. And plus Megatron wouldn't have served him unless the Fallen was more powerful than he is.

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