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Brig. By the end of 1944 the Allies had obtained complete air supremacy over Germany and could destroy targets at will. (1st Lt.) filter, Apply Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show filter, Apply United States. This new aircraft could escort bombers all the way to targets deep inside Nazi Germany. Your leaders were crazy to attack Russia as well as America (but then your leaders are crazy; the whole world thinks so except Italy). Army Air Forces. We had been trained to do precision high-altitude bombing from thirty-two thousand feet. The squadrons, forerunners of a whole air fleet, have arrived in England from the United States of America. When we got to Saipan, I was a gunner on a B-29. By the summer of 1945 the USAAF was ready to mount its final strategic bombing campaign. I used to have little routines for kidding myself: Forget it, you died last week. In their attempts to keep down the development of aviation into an independent department, separate from the Army and Navy and handled by aeronautical experts, and to maintain the existing systems, they have gone to the utmost lengths to carry their point. We had a good run and we were squarely over the town. Elle comprenait le Philippine Department (troupes de l'US Army aux Philippines), l'armée philippine (2 divisions régulières et dix de réserve) et la US Far East Air Force. There is no mud here, and the barracks are permanent and adequate. You'd get some Dutch courage out of that. The Dies Committee had wired in. Despite objections from Arthur Harris and Carl Spaatz, the bombing campaign changed during the summer of 1944. Of course, they came to pieces, as they were designed for only one race two years before. But the street pattern of the Prussian town stood out in perfect visibility and so did the large suburb of Rustringen, down the bay. I have just spent eight months in America, so I know exactly what is coming. If you looked at the photos carefully, you'd see that they were gutted. While enemy planes were hunted and shot down outside the approach to the city, on the coast, and above the Watt Sea and the Ems River, a few of them managed to reach the city of Wilhelmshaven. During the next two days the USAAF sent 527 heavy bombers to follow up the RAF attack. And there was no Focke-Wulf on our tail when we started our bomb run. Apply Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection filter, Apply Medicine, Nature, Science and Technology filter, Apply United States. This USAAF suffered badly during the Japanese Air Force attack on Pearl Harbor on 7th December, 1941. There are scores of other such factories in the United States of America. This kill ratio is the greatest recorded in the history of air warfare. The Army Air Forces was formed in 1941, from the Army Air Corps, in response to the growing structure and mission that Army aviators were playing and the need for a more independent command structure. The conduct of affairs by these two departments, as far as aviation is concerned, has been so disgusting in the last few years as to make any self-respecting person ashamed of the clothes he wears. Again apartment houses here collapsed, again people were left homeless, and again, almost without exception, civil and public establishments were hit. The total wartime casualties amounted to 115,382. This was done, in spite of the fact that we had sufficient money to build new ships according to entirely advanced patterns and new safety factors. I was up in the nose with the bombardier. One final thing: it is up to you to end the war and the bombing. Frankly, I wasn't so much interested in the target. World War, 1939-1945 (2) Apply World War, 1939-1945 filter . England is littered with them. Weather forecasting (2) Apply Weather forecasting filter . We were lucky. The airmen themselves are bluffed and bulldozed so that they dare not tell the truth in the majority of cases, knowing full well that if they do they will be deprived of their future career, sent to the most out-of-the-way places to prevent their telling the truth, and deprived of any chance for advancement unless they subscribe to the dictates of their nonflying, bureaucratic superiors. On 3rd February, 1,000 bombers of the USAAF killed an estimated 25,000 people in Berlin. Air Force, 5th (1), United States. It was all beautifully planned, except we discovered the Siberian jet stream. A raider might get one of them, but he would not be likely to get more than one. Whatever their victories, you will still have to settle the air war with us and America. Some men and women are working in the garden now, having ridden out of town on their bicycles. On 13th February 1945, 773 Avro Lancaster bombers attacked Dresden. Probably no more than twenty-five Flying Fortresses live here, and they are so spread out that you do not see them at once. Go in at night from five thousand feet, without gunners, just a couple of rear-end observers. This included the fighters, Seversky P-35 and Curtis P-36, and the bombers, Lockhead Hudson, Douglas SBD-3 and the B-25A Mitchell. Air Force, 12th filter, Apply United States. "Hoss" Lyie said there must have been 35. Soon we shall be coming every night and every day, rain, blow or snow-we and the Americans. Our Fortress, "Old Soljer", piloted by Captain Lewis Elton Lyie of Pine Bluff, Ark., led the squadron. Some of the people jumped into rivers to get away from these fire storms. These departments, remember, are supported by the taxes of the people and were created for the purpose of protecting us from invasion from abroad and from domestic disturbances from within. What has actually happened in these departments is that they have formed a sort of union to perpetuate their own existence, largely irrespective of the public welfare, and acting, as we might say about a commercial organization that has entire control of a public necessity, "as an illegal combination in restraint of trade.". In August 1943 repeated incendiary attacks on Hamburg caused a firestorm and 50,000 German civilians were killed. Tokyo looked like one leveled bed of ash. United States Army Air Forces — in existence from 1941 to 1947, serving during World War II. The army is very good at keeping you awake forever before you have a long mission. How can you hope to win now that we are getting even stronger, having both Russia and America as allies, while you are getting more and more exhausted ? Subscribe to our Spartacus Newsletter and keep up to date with the latest articles. The city on the Jade Bay, which has had to withstand several night attacks in the past two weeks, was now targeted for a daylight bombing attack in good visibility. In the Pacific War it downed 2,149 enemy aircraft during 64,051 missions. There is no high concentration of planes in any one field. Staff Sergeant Howard L. Nardine of Los Angeles, took a quick look back and saw fires and smoke. Army Air Forces. Officers and agents sent by the War and Navy departments to Congress have almost always given incomplete, miserable, or false information about aeronautics, which either they knew to be false when given or was the result of such gross ignorance of the question that they should not be allowed to appear before a legislative body. The winds went off all computed bomb tables. We could have had no better brothers in arms than Ira Eaker, Fred Anderson and Jimmy Doolittle, and the Americans could have had no better commanders than these three. You can overthrow the Nazis and make peace. A year later, I heard that all forty-four men of my graduating class were either dead or missing in action. They were out for stragglers and they let us alone. Arthur Harris now devised Operation Thunderclap, an air raid that would finally break the morale of the German people. Already they are covered by the incoming tide or buried deep in the swamp. Items on this site are licensed by a Creative Commons License. All aviation policies, schemes, and systems are dictated by the nonflying officers of the Army or Navy, who know practically nothing about it. He said. Both the War and Navy departments maintain public propaganda agencies which are supposed to publish truthful facts about our national defense to the American people. The peak was reached in 1944 with 38,873 fighters and 35,003 bombers being built. Air Force, 15th (2) Apply United States. As the last enemy bombers reached the wide sea and our fighters flew back to their air bases, we drove to the city of Wilhelmshaven. Gen. Frederick E. Humphreys, who graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., in 1906, was hand-picked by the Wright brothers to become one of the first Soldiers to fly solo.... MORE. This time it was seventeen "four-motors" that found their end in the course of less than an hour. But fighters and marine flak artillery destroyed the enemy's plan, knocked the opponent back, and gave the Americans an idea of the striking power of our aerial defense. Our target was Wilhelmshaven. The shells were exploding in nasty black puffs, leaving curious smoke trails of hour-glass shape. This included the deaths of 52,173 pilots and aircrew. In one American factory alone, the new Ford plant at Willow Run, Detroit, they are already turning out one four-engined bomber able to carry four tons of bombs to any part of the Reich every two hours. But the people have held "their front." This is one of. He had been head of the Eighth Air Force and was sent over to take on the Twentieth.

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