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The character you didn't select when choosing your gender would become one rival, in the form of either Brendan or May, while the other rival was an NPC named Wally. He varies slightly more in Pokémon Stadium 2 with teams featuring the legendary dogs and the Johto starters, but the basic makeup and style is fully distinctive. Cynthia also studies archaeology, with a particular interest in ruins and the mythology surrounding legendary Pokémon – an interest no doubt carried over from her role in the Sinjoh Ruins in the Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver games (remakes of the beloved generation two titles, Pokémon Gold and Silver). This means that the battle against AZ is totally pointless, as your team is already strong enough to beat Diantha, which means that it will almost certainly be strong enough to beat AZ's team. We are here today to see which Pokémon trainers managed to become the best like no one ever was and which of the so-called top trainers aren't worth wasting a Full Restore on - from the Johto Gym Leader who sent many young trainers back to New Bark Town to the Elite Four member who spent more time checking out his abs in the mirror than actually training his Pokémon. All in all, only the best end up receiving her Plain Badge! Both have a reputation as all-time greatest trainers, but which of them is truly the better of the two? When you start a new game in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, you are asked to select a gender for your character. Steven's interest in studying these mysterious rocks even led to a four-part special, Pokémon Mega Evolution Special, which saw Steven flaunt his knowledge as the Giant Rock began to attract ancient legendary Pokémon. She's the only trainer to sport the title "Hall Matron" and she deserves it. The fact that you need to traverse water (and some waterfalls and whirlpools) in order to progress through the game means that you will almost certainly need a Water-type Pokémon that can use Surf. Red might have one of the most consistent teams throughout all his appearances, and that’s undoubtedly to his benefit. Using three of the same Pokémon normally isn't advisable, but you can ignore that when three of those Pokémon are powerful Dragonite. Although he is forgetful, he is incredibly intelligent and was once a highly respected competitive trainer, known for far more than inventing the Pokédex. Red hat yellow backpack that's him. Blue’s team has changed a lot, but something evidently clear compared to Red is that Blue’s choice of Pokémon gravitates to the strongest species in the region. If Giovanni would have managed to hold on to the legendary Pokémon, he would have landed much higher on this list, but as fate would have it, this villain serves as our twelfth greatest all-time trainer. However, Wallace’s ability to utilize the move rain dance renders this disadvantage a bit less detrimental. As mentioned earlier, this (still) 10-year-old boy managed to tarnish the previously unblemished record of Orange Island’s “Head Gym Leader” and thusly became League Champion. And while the anime character is, again, based on the video game antagonist, they have defined themselves as separate entities over the years. He has previously written articles and video scripts for websites like Cracked, Dorkly, Topless Robot, and TopTenz. It’s as a gym leader in Pokémon Gold & Silver where Blue truly shines, as he replaces the criminal mastermind and ground-type enthusiast Giovanni. It may have taken Ash 22 years to win a Pokémon League, but the beloved protagonist has proven time and again that he is diligent, caring, and intelligent when it comes to handling his Pokémon. He almost always has full a set of starter Pokémon, his signature Pikachu, and a few interchangeable giants like Lapras and Snorlax. Even as a casual player, if she catches you off-guard, you're going to have it tough! When he's not in battle or levelling up his preferred Steel-type Pokémon, he's pursuing his favorite hobby: excavating rare stones. To be the very best is the goal of most trainers in the world of  Pokémon   and that includes the anime's titular protagonist, Ash Ketchum. As you will notice red is ash with a differant name and is a lot, stronger and his pikachu will go down with mewtwo's psychic. Red has the pokemon with the highest level as far as I am aware. dorkman posted... Leon He's not strongest in the world. This is an infamous battle and you can see many speedrunners ragequit because of how unfair it is. All of Faba's Pokémon are either Psychic-type or part Psychic-type, meaning that they will have a hard time facing a single Dark-type Pokémon. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. He is a Pokémon trainer, plain and simple, and one of the best one you’ll meet. In addition to Mega-Gardevoir, this accomplished trainer battles with the sixth-generation heavy lineup of Tyrantrum, Aurorus, Goodra, Gourgeist, and Hawlucha. The character of Red is mentioned in passing throughout the history of numerous other notable trainers, but it is usually to denote the fact that he had defeated them in battle at one point or another. yes I agree ash is a … Linked to his preference for Electric-type Pokémon, Sophocles has become a master in programming and enjoys tinkering with machinery. Professor Oak is the perfect example of how deceiving appearances can be. Therefore, the rest of these color-based trainers are collected within the category of "protagonist." Steven Stone is an incredibly strong trainer and Champion of the Hoenn region. It isn't clear whether the use of this weapon was responsible for his longevity, but he finally manages to seek redemption throughout the events of Pokémon X & Y by helping to prevent the weapon from being used again. Additionally, she's to be commended for her resilience, considering she has not given up her goal of snatching that electric rat for over twenty years! Be wary of this little ghostly child! Sound off in the comments! In the video game series, the protagonist comes across Iris several times. He loves to dabble with creating his own devices to help him gain the upper hand in battle – and to show off to his classmates. Luckily, many of the franchise’s several mediums overlap quite a bit, giving us, even more, background and information to work with. However, the Japanese version of the anime highlights his official title of “Head Leader,” denoting the character’s importance. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. His dragon-type beasts dominated aspiring enthusiasts across the land before some talented kids stepped in and stole the crown. He's just one of the strongest trainers in Galar region. Every other trainer you face in the original games simply stands around with a predictable team, but Blue’s team transforms with his skill and prowess as a trainer. She's ended many Pokémon journeys because of how much of a challenge this Normal-Type Gym poses, and many question why she has to be so difficult to beat. RELATED: Pokémon: The 10 Toughest Gyms In The Series, Ranked. Red's team may be stronger than Cynthia's in terms of their overall levels, but he has a few weaknesses related to the types of his Pokémon that can be exploited. That idiot Ash after many, many, seasons cannot do anything after so many seasons of that show. Maxie's team only contains a maximum of four Pokémon and they consist of some of the weakest creatures in the series. Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket in Pokémon Red & Blue and the player has to battle him several times throughout the game. She and her partner-in-crime James have been trying to steal Pikachu away from our protagonist Ash for the past twenty-three seasons of the anime, but this isn't about them. However, trains are his real passion. While Barry may not have left much of an impression in terms of his character, he did pose a tremendous threat on the battlefield, though it took a while to get him to that point. It's not often that you have to face the character you once played in a different game in battle. When you think of Pokémon trainer two faces are probably going to come up in your mind.The first is Red, the Ash Ketchem doppelganger who acts as the final challenge at the top of Mt. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Argenta is one of those trainers you have to go through to actually prove your worth as a battler. Scott now writes game reviews for Screen Rant and The Gamer, as well as news reports, opinion pieces, and game guides. For starters, Iris is the leader of the final gym in the Unova region (in Pokémon White version). While Red’s trademark Pikachu and starters are quite strong, they’re nothing compared to high-power creatures like Alakazam, Gyarados, and in some games even a menacing Arcanine. Confusing him with Gary at this point is a complete mistake. This extensive period of watching the creatures and their behavior provided her with incredible in-depth knowledge about many different types of Pokémon, ultimately allowing her to overcome her fears! Who is the strongest Pokemon Trainer you can battle In-Game? Red is a character who does not have a huge amount of background or story in the games, but his simplicity is to his benefit as it makes him all the more likable. NEXT: Pokémon: Ranking Every Region's Elite Four. 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