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I like to dive deeper into how a company has performed in the past. ", "Pharma M&A In 2017: The Most Likely Deal Hunters", "Interim Results of a Phase 1b/2 Study of Entospletinib (GS-9973) Monotherapy and in Combination with Chemotherapy in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia", "US pharma giant Gilead uses 'Double Irish' tax loophole", "Patients sue Gilead, saying drug company intentionally delayed safer HIV medicine", "Tenofovir Effect on the Kidneys of HIV-Infected Patients: A Double-Edged Sword? Our information suggests that Gilead Sciences, Inc. insiders own under 1% of the company. Gilead later combined Sovaldi with other antivirals in single-pill combinations. This may not be consistent with full year annual report figures. It has a market capitalization of US$83b. [51][52][53] On April 7, 2020, Gilead completed acquisition of Forty Seven, Inc. for "$95.50 per share, net to the seller in cash, without interest, or approximately $4.9 billion in the aggregate. [21] On October 27, 2005, Rumsfeld recused himself from any official decision making about the drug; the New York Times reported, "Mr. Rumsfeld will remain involved in matters related to the Pentagon response to an outbreak, so long as none affect Gilead."[22]. Insider ownership is positive when it signals leadership are thinking like the true owners of the company. So they usually pay more attention to companies that are included in major indices. Prevention", "200,000 Uninsured Americans to Get Free H.I.V.-Prevention Drugs", "Gilead to Acquire Immuno-Oncology Company Forty Seven for $4.9 Billion", "Gilead to Acquire Forty Seven for $4.9 Billion", "Gilead buys Forty Seven for $4.9 billion to bolster cancer drug pipeline", "Gilead Completes Acquisition of Forty Seven, Inc", "A new pharma king? [94], Media related to Gilead Sciences at Wikimedia Commons, Remdesivir for treatment of patients with coronavirus, Remdesivir for treatment of patients with. Let's delve deeper into each type of owner, to discover more about GILD. It might take 12 to 18 months for the public to know the coverage of the patent applied for by the Wuhan institute when its application document is published, and the entire patent granting process could take several years, if its case falls within the industry norm, Cobden said. The acquisition boosted Gilead's oncology and inflammation areas. “But a patent cannot stop doctors from prescribing the drug to treat a patient.”. “One question is whether the specific combination of drugs or that specific medical use of the drug is novel, that is, the researchers who make a discovery have filed their patent application before it becomes known to the public,” Cobden said. In February 2011, the company acquired Calistoga Pharmaceuticals for US$375 million ($225 million plus milestone payments). The general public holds a 18% stake in GILD. [18], In 2004, Gilead launched Truvada. It is good to see board members owning shares, but it might be worth checking if those insiders have been buying. This treatment for hepatitis C cures the patient in 94% to 99% of cases (HCV genotype 1). [50], In March 2020, the company announced it would acquire Forty Seven Inc. for $95.50 a share ($4.9 billion in total). Thank you for reading. [71], As of 2017, Gilead's challenge is to develop or acquire new blockbuster drugs before its current revenue-producers wane or their patent protection expires. [47] In November, the company announced it will acquire Cell Design Labs for up to $567 million, after it indirectly acquired a stake of 12.2% via the Kite Pharma deal. [67] For poorer countries, Gilead licensed multiple companies to produce generic versions of Sovaldi; in India, a pill's price was as low as $4.29.[68]. Later in the same year, Gilead acquired Myogen, Inc. for $2.5 billion (then its largest acquisition). Notably, sometimes top-level managers are on the board, themselves. [19], In 2004, during the Avian Flu pandemic scare, Gilead Sciences' revenue from Tamiflu almost quadrupled to $44.6m as more than 60 national governments stockpiled the antiviral drug, though the firm had made a loss in 2003 before concern about the flu started. Additionally, Myogen was developing (in Phase 3 studies) darusentan,[23] also an endothelin receptor antagonist, for the potential treatment of resistant hypertension. While it is well worth considering the different groups that own a company, there are other factors that are even more important. The company management answer to the board; and the latter should represent the interests of shareholders. Later that year, the company acquired Arresto Biosciences, Inc. for $225 million, obtaining developmental-stage research for treating fibrotic diseases and cancer.[32]. “In theory, a patent owner may be able to use its patent to stop other companies from manufacturing, importing or selling that drug in China,” he said. Shultz. [29] Ranexa is a cardiovascular drug used to treat chest pain related to coronary artery disease, with both of these products and pipeline building out Gilead's cardiovascular franchise. NasdaqGS:GILD Ownership Summary, August 12th 2019, NasdaqGS:GILD Income Statement, August 12th 2019, Trump's son Barron tested positive for COVID-19, says Melania Trump, Buying Tesla Stock? With two drugs in development (ambrisentan and darusentan), and one marketed product (Flolan) for pulmonary diseases, the acquisition of Myogen has solidified Gilead's position in this therapeutic arena. The JAK enzymes have been implicated in myeloproliferative diseases, inflammatory disorders, and certain cancers. [citation needed], In 2010, the company acquired CGI Pharmaceuticals for $120 million, expanding Gilead's research expertise into kinase biology and chemistry. [88][89] Remdesivir is a candidate for treating COVID-19; at the time the status was granted, fewer than 200,000 Americans had COVID-19, but numbers were climbing rapidly as the COVID-19 pandemic reached the US, and crossing the threshold soon was considered inevitable. Find out which funds hold GILD. If approved, the drug will be used to facilitate its potential global market entry, it added.Studies have been conducted outside the human bodies and found that Gilead’s remdesivir compound and the off-patent chloroquine malaria drug are both “highly effective” in the control of coronavirus infection, the Wuhan institute and the Beijing Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology said in a research published in Cell Research Journal. [2][11] The San Francisco Chronicle noted that by 2003, the Gilead corporate campus in Foster City had expanded to "seven low-slung sand-colored buildings around a tiny lake on which ducks happily paddle. Though their holding amount to less than 1%, we can see that board members collectively own US$169m worth of shares (at current prices). What Is The Ownership Structure Like For Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE:CHD)? A 2005 report showed that, in all, Rumsfeld owned shares worth up to $95.9m, from which he got an income of up to $13m. If you spot an error that warrants correction, please contact the editor at editorial-team@simplywallst.com. Gilead Sciences, Inc. /ˈɡɪliəd/, is an American biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Foster City, California that researches, develops and commercializes drugs. [citation needed], In January 1997, Donald Rumsfeld was appointed Chairman, but left the board in January 2001 when he was appointed United States Secretary of Defense during George W. Bush's first term as president. The state-backed Institute of Virology in Wuhan filed the patent for using remdesivir to fight the novel coronavirus on January 21, according to a statement posted on its website two weeks later on February 4. ", "Gilead Sciences: Is an Incyte Deal 'Reasonable'? [79][80] Gilead intentionally withheld results of clinical trials demonstrating TAF's relative safety and efficacy and shelved TAF-based therapies until 2010, when the Food and Drug Administration approved Gilead's application to patent TAF. When such a trade goes wrong, multiple parties may compete to sell stock fast. You can access this interactive graph of past earnings, revenue and cash flow, for free . The pill was a preventive measure (PrEP) for people at high risk of getting HIV through sexual activity.[36][37][38][39]. Luckily, you can check this free report showing analyst forecasts for its future. The deal will add the promising CAR-T candidate to the companys existing portfolio. [12], In March 1999, Gilead acquired NeXstar Pharmaceuticals of Boulder, Colorado. This transaction helped cement Gilead as the leader in treatment of the hepatitis C virus by giving it control of sofosbuvir (see below). Gilead purchased Raylo Chemicals, Inc. in November 2006, for a price of US$133.3 million. Past clinical data on other coronaviruses give it “hope,” it added. First, Sovaldi was combined with ledipasvir and marketed as Harvoni. [35] By replacing eight one or two-story buildings with seven new structures ranging as tall as 10 stories, Gilead nearly doubled its headquarters real estate footprint from about 620,000 square feet to about 1.2 million square feet. AstraZeneca approaches Gilead about potential merger: report", "AstraZeneca Ponders a Huge $240 Billion Gilead Gamble", "AstraZeneca Approaches Gilead About Potential Merger", https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-pionyr-m-a-gilead-sciences/gilead-to-buy-49-9-stake-in-cancer-drug-developer-for-275-million-idUKKBN23U1ZR, "Gilead Reaches Deal to Buy Immunomedics for $21 Billion", https://www.gilead.com/news-and-press/press-room/press-releases/2020/9/gilead-sciences-to-acquire-immunomedics, https://www.biospace.com/article/gilead-sciences-moves-deeper-into-oncology-with-21-billion-acquisition-of-immunomedics/?s=79, "Q4 Sovaldi Sales Tracking at $53 Million", "The same pill that cost $1,000 in the U.S. sold for $4 in India", "Will Gilead's HIV Franchise Plan Be Dashed On TrumpCare? [65], On July 11, 2014, the United States Senate Committee on Finance investigated Sovaldi's high price ($1,000 per pill; $84,000 for the full 12-week regimen). A look at the shareholders of Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) can tell us which group is most powerful.

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