who would win a war between russia and china

China would get owned in Russia. In a real war China outnumbers them. ", Russia will win because of gigantic nuke and hydro bomb missile reserve ( along with Tsar Bomba ), “I don’t understand what kind of fatal attraction Chinese women possess which enthrals the corresponding men to such an extent that they are incapable of defending themselves against the formidable blessing of offspring”, This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. U.S. would defend China and the UN crap would take out Russia. Again, there is no evidence why this would be the case in the event of a conflict given prevailing U.S. military superiority in the air and in logistics. lol the Chinesecant get to there nukes cuz its so crowded. Against an enemy equipped with advanced anti-access/area denial capabilities, attrition of U.S. capital assets — ships, planes, tanks — could be enormous. They've also got a lot more assets when it comes down to modernized tanks, and the MBTs they do have are somewhat higher quality and more up to date; Type-96s (~2800) and Type-99s (~200) are superior to T-90s (~300) on mobility and mass-power efficiency, and they've got about 10 times as many of those combined as the Russians have T-90s. Russia has a small population over a huge landmass they really are a terrible country thanks to the Soviet Union which killed like 60 million people. This man would laugh at their pathetic soldiers, "One of the great laws of war is...never invade Russia" - Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. ...I would love to see the to countries go to war with unharmed, hand-to-hand combat...imagine how epic it would be to watch that. Somalia :) but to be serious China has a near endless army. Nor does it in any way help “make hard choices” when it comes to defense spending as the basic premise underlying the analysis of the U.S. armed forces beyond a “the bigger, the better” approach. Three fifths EEF, three tenths Steppe, one tenth WHG, a spoon of Iberomaurusian and you get a Trajan. Objectivity is impossible, variables too many. Also, they would never be so far from their supply bases etc unlike Germany and France. The two criteria for predicting American defeat indicated above are based on the U.S. losing air superiority on the one hand and the difficulty of assembling its forces in theater on the other. Get briefed on the story of the week, and developing stories to watch across the Asia-Pacific. The landmass issue wont be an problem either because the Chinese can easily conscript a much larger force. (The report also fails to show how a conventional defeat in the Baltics or Taiwan would threaten the U.S. homeland and trigger a national security crisis save in an abstract domino-theoretical way, as long as the conflict does not turn nuclear and entail the use of strategic cyber capabilities.). (Notably, the study endorses the findings of the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review.) I would go for Russia. Obviously it depends on the location and purpose of the fight. But Narendra Modi's government is moving to crack down on campus dissent. Enjoying this article? China, just because it sounds cooler than saying Russia. Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman and retired U.S. Navy Admiral Gary Roughead, recommends that the United States should spend more on its armed forces and reinforce its global military presence lest Washington be confronted by a national security emergency at a period when the nation is at a “greater risk than at any time in decades.”. A global pandemic has, in a matter of months, changed the discourse on global order and U.S.-China great power competition. My money's on China. The U.S. Military vs. Russia and China: Who Would Win World War 3? But those concerns have always been overblown. Conspicuously, the report also fails to provide an analytical framework for assessing U.S. program and defense priorities.

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